Love beer but also kind of a beer amateur? Perfect, me too! And what greater place is there to live as a beer amateur, thirsty for more, than Boulder, Colorado? It’s beyond a doubt that Boulder is a Craft Brew Mecca. It seems that every week there is a new microbrewery to discover and a spot up at the bar to steal. But do we all take advantage of the numerous breweries available to us? Let’s talk about your next weekend plans, beer freaks and beer amateurs alike.


First off, I think it’s important to consider one simple fact and that is, craft beer is for enjoying not chugging. You owe it to yourself to drink it at a reasonable pace in order to really experience the body and flavor that the many different styles of beer have to offer. Second, don’t let the beer scene or “beer experts” in Boulder intimidate you. Like everything else, there will always be those who may seem to know more than you do. My advice to you is, don’t be afraid to order something that you aren’t familiar with or try something new. I’ve never been to a brewery where I wasn’t given great customer service and answers to all of my crazy questions on beer options. This blog will serve as a non-pretentious space for us to learn more about what makes the beer scene in Boulder so fantastic.


As the token Beer Blogger I intend to build this blog around learning about beer; a safe place where you don’t have to feel awkward about not knowing everything there is to know! But, for my first post, let’s start off with something simple, the basics of where to go for a guaranteed great time! Here are a 3 of my favorites:


  1. Boulder Beer Company:

What you should know: Boulder Beer was Colorado’s first microbrewery, started by two CU Boulder professors in 1979.

What makes it great: Friendly atmosphere, the facility is surrounded by their homegrown hops, Wednesday night Trivia, B-Cycle Rentals right outside.

Where you can find it: Tucked away on Wilderness Place in Northeast Boulder.

What you should try: Hazed Hoppy Session Ale or Sweaty Betty Blonde.


  1. Avery Brewing Company:

What you should know: Established in 1993, this brewery has made quite a name for itself and is currently settled in at a 95,922 sq. ft. building.

What makes it great: Three layers of fun including a tap room, a restaurant serving delicious food, and self-guided tours in their brewing area.

Where you can find it: Head down diagonal highway and you can find this giant facility in Gunbarrel.

What you should try: Avery IPA or Liliko’i Kepolo.


  1. Sanitas Brewing Company:

What you should know: Sanitas is fairly new on the block and has been around for almost 3 years now. They opened up in September of 2013; you may see their owl logo floating around town!

What makes it great: Train beer*, the best patio out of all the Boulder breweries (be sure to check out their summer events), McDevitt Taco Supply.

Where you can find it: Right off the train tracks at Pearl Parkway and Frontier Avenue, down the street from Whole Foods Market.

What you should try: Sanitas Saison or Bird of Prey.

*A “Train Beer” is one of Sanita’s great rotating tap beers. When a train goes by, take advantage of the following 15 minutes to receive a special discount!


Until next time!