Wonderful! You continually want to learn how to stay motivated. Thanks for reading. I’ve had fun with these blogs. Today, I’ll dedicate this blog to share my vision.

Here you are today. You’ve been through some great times. You’ve been through some hard times. Your idealism has gotten you into some trouble and disappointment. You thought it might be easier to achieve your dreams, but after each obstacle, each pinnacle, you don’t feel like you’ve arrived where you thought you’d be.

I’ll quote Bono, the lead singer of U2, many times in this book since he’s the spokesperson for the most caring, awake, and creative band on Earth. “I’ve got everything, but I feel like nothing at all.”

For those of you who care about motivating yourself, I assume you have a vision to take out into the world. You are on the hero’s journey. You strive; you ache for a peaceful mind. You long to belong, to feel like a part of something. You can’t decide if you really like these ‘highs’ and ‘lows’.

But what it all comes down to is this – we’re in a culture that knows on a deep spiritual level, that the way things are headed… Commerce. Politics. Single family households. Corporate values bestowed upon us. Rampant divorces. Busyness. Disease causing chemicals everywhere. Sheep-like ‘follower’ mentalities. Anger, intolerance, and shootings. All of this injustice and more is real. It’s happening right now, in front of us, or behind the curtain. My question for you is, what will you do about it?

I have been in phases of denial for some time. I was raised to be a nice girl – to never rock the boat. I had to slowly step into my full expression, and get serious enough, while I remained playful, to feel the urgency that would birth my creations in the world.

I hope you feel motivated. One of the ways I stayed in denial was when I doubted how I could make a difference. The world is so busy, I was so sensitive, and people could be so mean. As an introvert, how could I sing songs like Bono? How could I be eloquent like Gweneth Paltrow?

I am not a person who wants to be famous. I want to make this world a place where we say ‘hello’ with our hearts while we walk down the street. I want us to take the last month of the year to gather with neighbors and talk, dream, and share ideas.

My vision of unity starts in the home, and circulates out to the community. Where it goes from there, I trust is good. It’s ordinary. But it’s this type of ordinary that we miss when all the noise surrounds us, non-stop. We are too “up our own butts,”as a friend said, to connect with our neighbors and friends. Yet now I see – it’s baby steps, where we can change our own thoughts, behaviors, and actions to ripple. But we have to have the courage to get this started.

Courage doesn’t eat fear for breakfast, as I had hoped. I wanted my idea of courage to be more aggressive, but it really can be a subtle virtue. More times than not, it doesn’t pounce, it waits until the right moment, until the dragon sleeps,

to chime in. Courage has the wit, grit, and foolhardiness to go forward, regardless of the situation.

Many times, I will use language that beckons you, encourages you, and inspires you. Sometimes I will use language that calls you forth in a major way. On some level, you will know this information, but on another level, you put it away for safekeeping.

I want you to bring it all back and have an existential crisis (ask for help from friends, colleagues, and experts), so you remember all the techniques, nuances, information, and tricks that make life smooth and fun. It’s all in you, already, I want to pull it out and make it your friend, no matter how scary, uncertain, or unfamiliar it seems.

I promise to be helpful, kind, and as down to Earth as I can be. Even when I talk about divinity and intuition, I’ll give you tips on how to bring it down to Earth.

Next week, we will talk about how to use your personal Numerology to make the next 11 months the best the year can offer.

Kate Galt writes the Motivation Monday Blog for AboutBoulder.com.

Her mission is for those in relationship to be the best they can be to each other. If that’s not happening, it’s time for an overhaul. As a Certified Relationship Coach, Kate Galt is known as the Breakup Expert because she understands the healthiest way out of heartache. The breakup transition is a HUGE change that takes an enormous amount of energy to overcome. If she can motivate, uplift, and guide men and women going through this devastating transition, she’s living her purpose.

Share these resources with your friends in need. Kate’s YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/thebreakupexpert) is a five-star resource. Her Friday Night Broken Hearts Club (https://kategalt.com/webinar-registration/) is a free online meeting not to be missed. These tools provide tips and strategies to recover faster and start laughing again.

Kate hopes the Motivation Monday Blog inspires you to dream big and follow-up that dream with bold action!