For those of you who are already part of the Boulder mountain bike community, it may seem crazy that many people don’t know about the many opportunities for mountain biking around Boulder.  When I first came to CU, I had no idea there was a collegiate mountain bike team.  Of course I knew there was a team for road riding, but since all I ever read or saw in pictures was about the road team, I didn’t even think to look at CU Cycling’s website to see what other disciplines they participate in.  It wasn’t until the beginning of my second year that I happened to see a flyer in the engineering building that said CU Cycling was in need of riders for their mountain team.  They were racing cross country, short track, dual slalom, and downhill.


Start of the women’s cross country race













I looked at it again.  Downhill? Like downhill downhill?  In a collegiate sports team?  I hoped it wasn’t some lame version of downhill racing that they had to make due with since it was a a collegiate team, but I decided I better go to a meeting just to make sure.

I talked to some of the members and officers and found out, ya, it was real downhill.  What could possibly be more fun than riding your mountain bike down a mountain with a bunch of friends.  Sign me up.


Photo from CU Cycling Facebook page

Photo from CU Cycling Facebook page
















I went to the first race, had tons of fun, and met tons of people.  I was hooked.

Of course not everyone wants to race downhill, and CU competes in endurance disciplines like cross country and short track too, which I am told are also great fun.

CU cross

Photo from CU Cycling Facebook page















All CU students are welcome regardless of skill level.  Women play a large part in the success of the team, and CU Cycling is very supportive of girls joining, which is great for the girls…and the guys.  They even have women only rides.

CU Cycling has a number of championships, and always needs participation from students to battle for the Rocky Mountain Conference title.  If you want to have fun with your friends, ride bikes, and go on awesome trips every weekend, go to the website and learn more about it.