Now I lay me down to sleep,

with lotion on my face that’s cheap.

If I should die before I wake,

I pray my skin won’t crack and flake.

If should live a few days more,

I’ll find a cream I don’t abhor.


Sephora, unto thee I pray,

thou hast not led my face astray,

help me find a good night cream,

one that gives a youthful gleam,

for the sun, and time, and dry air weather,

has made my skin resemble leather.


Okay. So maybe not like, leather leather. I mean, I don’t see aged animal hide when I look in the mirror. But my skin certainly does have a… dehydrated quality to it. Sure, it could be the product my delinquent water drinking ways, but I’m starting to think the dry Colorado weather may also be taking its toll.

I have long eschewed the idea that anyone needs a distinct moisturizer for day and then another for night. I mean, why? What’s the difference? Darker make-up and more glittery accessories?

But I think I’m coming around. Maybe because I’m on the north side of thirty, maybe because I am sick of my skin trying to appear reptilian, maybe because I saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Jimmy Fallon this week looked stunning and real at fifty-five.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus with Fallon



I’m sure there’s some Hollywood plastic surgery baby unicorn tears beauty secrets going on, but still!

So beyond drinking more water, wearing sunscreen, and washing your makeup off every night (EVERY night), I think the next step is a moisturizer intended for night. Am I crazy? Am I falling victim to the marketing of every skin care line everywhere? BUY MORE. YOU NEED THIS.



But I think it’s worth a shot. My future self may thank me.

Star light, star bright,

first star I see tonight,

I wish I may I wish I might

find a product to solve this plight.

Come back next week to find out whether there are actual differences between day moisturizer and night moisturizer!