Halloween is getting closer and the themed parties are becoming more frequent. Haunted houses and ghost tours abound.  Weekends are drenched with costumes and fake blood and everyone seems to be getting into the spirit.  Jack-O-Lanterns line the streets with fake spider webs adorning doorways. Fun events are everywhere.

Want a night of cheek? The Exotica Erotica’s Kink Carnival is coming to Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place this Friday the 23rd for a night of Halloween hedonism that is sure to titillate. With a slew of kink inspired entertainment involving wax, rope and all types of things should make for a fascinating evening. A D.J. will be present for those who want to dance the night away. A costume is required for the event and racy costumes are highly encouraged.

Saturday night hosts Roots of Rebellion at the Lazy Dog. Their Dubstep/Regge/Soul sound appeals to the Boulder crowd especially the very crunchy. They will be performing with Sun Dried Vibes. The show starts at 10pm.

For someone from the local scene, the Hip-hop/Funk/Afro-Cuban band Salem will be bringing their style and socially conscious lyrics to the stage at the Mountain Sun Brewery. The Mountain Sun Brewery boasts an environment free from the glaring television screen lighting most bars these days, their emphasis is rather on having their guests talk to each other or watch the shows being performed in front of them.

Sunday Boulder Theater is hosting a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The shadowcast is Colorado Elusive Ingredient. They are a Denver Troup that performs the last Friday every month at The Esquire, so they are very well versed in their performance. The interactive show is fun for the adult crowd.

There is always something to do in Boulder. Have a happy weekend and do something fun!