Spring is in the air, and with warmer weather comes one of my favorite times of year: Farmer’s Market season! If you’ve never shopped at a farmer’s market before, you may not be as excited as I am. Luckily for you, I’m here to tell you why you should be!

Get Seasonal

The food you buy at farmer’s markets is fresh and local, so the selection changes based on what is ready to harvest. This is a great excuse to try new recipes and eat like our ancestors did. Variation is good for your body and keeps cooking exciting!

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Support Your Community

Farmer’s markets specifically focus on showcasing local farmers and producers, so you know that anything you buy at a market comes from your community. This not only helps your local producers make a living, it also keeps currency within the local economy rather than paying for internationally shipped produce. It gives a whole new meaning to made in the USA!

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Non-GMO and Organic is In

Many of these local producers specialize in non-gmo or organic products, so you can feel confident that what you’re getting is the freshest, healthiest, most natural product out there

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Food in the US will often travel thousands of miles before it gets to your table: that travel costs fuel and other resources. By buying local, you know that your food hasn’t had to travel far, and you’re protecting the environment in your own small way. Farmer’s Markets also often make a point of running zero-waste operations, offering compost and recycling bins for waste. Buying organic also reduces the amounts of pesticides and other chemicals in the environment!

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Not Just for Food

Plus, Farmer’s Market’s aren’t only about food! Listen to live music, get your knives sharpened, learn about local issues, and support local artisans while you shop! Every market has a unique flair to it, so don’t be afraid to visit other community’s markets!

Connect with your community

The market is an amazing place to get involved with your community! Make friends, learn new skills, and know where your food is coming from—because it’s coming from your friends!

Featured Photo Credit: BCFM.org