Boulder has the highest percentage of bike owners of any town in the US. 71% of the population owns at least one bike. This means that 71% of the population owns the ultimate exploring machine.

As a cyclist I have been on almost every road in Boulder and the surrounding area. Sometimes I head west into the mountains, and other times I like to cruise around out east on the flatter roads. No matter where I go, I often look around and think about how if I weren’t a cyclist I would have never seen most of these places.

The reason for this is because as a cyclist we look for roads with low traffic, good views, and we don’t care about taking the shortest route because we usually aren’t going anywhere in particular. With this being said I am going to list some of my favorite local rides that you can do without buying spandex and a $10,000 bike.

 4th Street north of Canyon:

Because most long bike rides require heading north out of town, I love to get on 4th street to see some of the best real estate in Boulder. You will end up winding around near Wonderland Lake. There aren’t any huge hills or many cars so you could do this even if your only bike is a beach cruiser.

Boulder Creek Path west:

If you take Boulder Creek Path west you will soon forget where you are. This route is relatively well known by runners and cyclists in the area, but I encourage everyone to check it out. This path follows the creek and turn to gravel. It is not uncommon to see rock climbers if you look up.

 Four Mile Canyon and Chapman Drive:

When you get to the end of the Boulder Creek Path you have the opportunity to continue onto two of the more challenging “everyone” rides. Cross Canyon Rd. and explore the twisty Four Mile Canyon Rd., or head up Canyon Rd. and ½ mile later you will get to Chapman Drive on your left. This is a steady 3 mile jeep road climb, and it will take you up to the Flagstaff Amphitheatre. If you have an off-road bike, a few hours, and want to feel like a badass, this is a great choice. A helmet would be a good idea.


A cyclist heads up Chapman Dr.

Table Mesa to NCAR:

If you live in South Boulder, this is a convenient one for you. Table Mesa Rd. continues west at a slight incline all the way up to NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research). This road will take you to great views of the city, and if you bring a lock you could lock your bike at the top and explore the center, or even go on a hike.


Table Mesa road to NCAR, there is now a large bike lane