Winter fever starts to kick in around mid to late October. I’m talking about changing your attire from shorts to leggings, the decision to sip on hot chocolate instead of iced tea, and of course, lazing around in bed instead of enjoying the sunshine that Boulder has to offer. And besides, let’s weigh the odds: watching reruns of The Office or picking apples on a beautiful fall day, what would you rather be doing? There are so many activities that coincide with this season that you just need to be apart of.

Apple Orchards

Tired of the pumpkin spice latte craze? Looking for a different kind of fruit to fill your fall needs? Ya Ya Farm and Orchard has all the essentials to make the easy switch from pumpkins to apples. There you can take workshops to make your own apple cider, picnic out in the orchard, and of course, pick as many apples as your little heart desires. If you’re looking for something more on the fancy side, be sure to check out the “Evening in the Orchard” experience where you can dine under the moonlight with fellow apple lovers. A three-course meal and wine and beer pairings, what more can you ask for?

apple orchard

Haunted Houses 

The Asylum, The 13th Floor, Primitive Fear, and Undead: The Possession are all part of the The 13th Floor Haunted House series and have been featured on Huffington Post, USA Today, and even MTV. Just 25 minutes from Boulder, you can experience the horror and excitement for yourself. The lines may be long because of how popular the venues are, but don’t worry, there are ghosts, zombies, and men in masks with chainsaws scaring the living daylights out of you while you wait.

Anderson Farms 

Only about 15 minutes east of Boulder, there lies one of the best places for all your fall festivity needs. Anderson Farms is home to the longest running corn maze and pumpkin patch in all of Colorado. This place is a must see, not only because of the massive crowds it brings every year, but also because of the celebrated spirit of this setting. There’s a petting zoo, fire pits for roasting marshmallows, hayrides, and even pumpkin launching. For the more adventurous, come at night for the Haunted Corn Maze and Zombie Paintball Hunt. Let your inner kid run wild in spirit of Halloween.

The Boulder Farmer’s Market

Fall isn’t fall without the Boulder Farmer’s Market. Surround your senses with seasonal veggies and fruits galore. What is better than hot chocolate or apple cider from your favorite local vendors on a crisp Saturday morning? Or what about the various samples of the delectable cheeses, baked goods, and popcorn? Don’t postpone this trip because the farmer’s market is only going on for a few more weeks.

Farmer's Market

You have the entire winter season to hibernate, so do yourself a favor and get outside and enjoy what Boulder‘s fall has to offer!