It’s the last full week of the month, and there are some real gems going on that, for whatever reason, are not getting a lot of exposure.  If you want the inside scoop on some lesser known, but fantastic, events this week then you’ve come to the right place.

1.On February 23rd at the Terrain Collective Inc Studio is your chance to experience Pockitudes Storytelling.  These are stories told by people from our own community about life, challenges, hope, redemption, and so much more.  Pockitudes has become a space for anyone to share their stories.  This event will run from 7-9pm and will feature 3-5 story tellers, each one lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, with time for discussion once all the stories are concluded.  The event is completely free, and attendees are even given a journal, but donations are accepted to help fund Blue Sky Bridge.

2. POSHsplat, this February 25th from 9-11am, is hosting a kid’s Saturday Morning Art Exploration.  This event is designed to allow kids a chance to be fully creative.  They’re encouraged to use all types of materials, working together and independently, to create works of art.  Each group is hosted by an art therapist who there to make sure everyone is having fun.  Kids will be given as much assistance and support as they need to make something all their own.  With clay, beads, paint, and much more at their fingertips, imaginations can run wild.  At $20 per child, this weekly event is great for inspiring creativity.

3.Also on the 25th this month from 1-4pm, Ann England, a clinical law professor at CU Boulder, will speak about what causes wrongful convictions in the American court system by examining three large profile cases: Korey Wise of the Central Park Five, Timothy Masters and Clarence Moses-El.  By examining these cases, looking at documentaries, and reading news articles, this lecture is meant to not only shed light on those who spent years, or even decades, in prison for crimes they did not commit, but also talk about the new Korey Wise Incident Project, which was founded to find others who were wrongly convicted.

Jesse graduated from CU Boulder in 2014 with an English degree in Creative Writing. He has been writing independently ever since a high school teacher inspired him with a simple assignment to write whatever he wanted after struggling to follow a writing prompt. Since then, Jesse has been writing every day and continues to work on getting his writing published. It was that one spark that sent Jesse on a path not just toward pursuing his own writing, but to go into education in the hopes of awakening a similar passion in others. To keep his creative juices flowing, and keep a healthy balance, he also enjoys exercise of almost every kind and keeping a healthy diet. In his free time he enjoys seeking out new and interesting stories of all kinds, watching foreign media, and sometimes just relaxing and looking out the window for a while. Since coming to Boulder at the age of 3, Jesse has found no shortage of inspiration here.