Sometimes, getting lost leads to finding your new favorite trail.
Sometimes, getting lost even leads to finding two of your new favorite trails.

That’s precisely what happened last weekend, when my roommate and I stumbled upon some beautiful trails at the end of Flagstaff road.

The first area we stopped to see was the Walker Ranch area. It was a pretty dry, expansive fields were filled with the charred remains of trees. A fire had struck Walker Ranch back in 2000, and it’s fascinating to look at how nature has rebuilt itself,


While the area looks bleak, it’s also quite beautiful. The aspens during this time of year present accents of yellow and orange, and make the area aesthetically incredible. It made for a very pretty hike!



The Walker Ranch area is an excellent place for bikers and hikers alike. I went hiking on the day I visited the area, but I encountered primarily mountain bikers in the area. It’s definitely a place I’ll be coming back to with a mountain bike–that’s for sure!

The next area we went to see was Gross Reservoir, which was a considerably different environment despite it being only a short drive from Walker Ranch.


Despite the name, there is nothing gross about the area. In fact, the area was named after Denver Water former Chief Engineer Dwight D. Gross when the reservoir was originally completed in 1954. The area offers some great hiking trails and even has a few scattered camping sites. Gross Reservoir is an excellent place to spend a day or night.

I ended the day driving back to Boulder with my roommate, and we managed to stop near the top of Flagstaff mountain for one last glimpse of the mountains. Another great day to be living in Boulder!