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Last weekend was a very historical weekend. Friday was the inauguration of President Trump (gag), and Saturday was a woman’s march that became a global event. I unfortunately was unable to attend the march that took place in Denver, but I was definitely there in spirit, and sent some energy to all the women as a collective. The turn out for the march around the world was amazing. In Denver there were 200,000 women who came together, when only 40,000 were predicted. In Los Angeles over 750,000 people participated. Washington DC, there was over 1 million. Globally 5 million people came together in all the major cities to protest women’s rights that are being threatened by our new President. The point of the march was to send a message to the new Government Administration that women’s rights are human rights.

Though this march was a very empowering movement, it’s silly that we are in 2017 and women’s rights are still an issue. Not only that, women’s rights are still being dictated and decided by men. Trump is especially THE LAST man on the planet that should be deciding things for women, let alone for all Americans. I just hope that by electing Trump as our president, we aren’t back tracking on the progress that women have made throughout history.