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Cold-Pressed Juice at Wonder Press, Boulder

While strolling along Pearl Street Mall, quench your thirst at Wonder Press, a juice, smoothie and coffee café. With an extensive menu of beverage options, you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds, whether it’s a cold-pressed juice, a homemade nut milk, a refreshing smoothie, or a healthy coffee drink.

Wonder Press opened two years ago by Boulder natives and lifelong friends Cecily Runge, Robyn Knowlan and Brooke Jordan, commonly referred to as the “Juice Girls.” The girls noticed that juice bars were becoming the new social scene in L.A., where groups would gather over juice rather than the usual coffee or alcohol. They wondered why something like that wasn’t available in their hometown of Boulder, so they opened Wonder Press.

The Juice Gils said that at first, their customers were mostly friends and family, and it was just the three of them running shop. Now, they have a new location on Pearl Street, which opened in June 2015, they employ more than 20 people, and they have a large, loyal customer base.

The standards for nutritional quality and sustainability are top-notch at Wonder Press. All of their beverages are 100 percent organic, and they support local farmers as often as possible. There juice is cold-pressed using a hydraulic process, which means the juice is exposed to less oxygen and heat than other forms of juicing. As a result, more nutrition is extracted from each batch, the flavor is crisper, the color is more vibrant, and you are left with a bottle of bold flavor, live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body will love.

All of the beverages at Wonder Press are served in glass bottles. If you return the empty bottles, you receive 50 cents back per bottle, either applied to your order or collected in cash.

Wonder Press also sends big buckets of juice pulp to the goats at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy in Boulder! The pulp supplements the goats’ diets free of charge. This is especially important in the winter, when they’re mostly eating dry grains and straw.

Cecily Runge explained, “The goats love carrot and yam pulp, and even kale pulp, but they don’t like ginger much. We try to keep that separate.” So, even the goats have their favorite flavors.

As far as customers in the shop go, the Juice Girls said the most popular items on the menu are their green juices and smoothies. Runge said her personal favorite is the spicy greens, which is a combination of cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley and lemon, with a kick of ginger.

The Juice Girls said what sets their shop apart from other juice bars in the area is the social environment they’ve created. Natural light streams into Wonder Press and lights up the long booths and comfy pillows. Use the free Wi-Fi to work, or get cozy with friends during a social hour.

Aside from an extensive juice menu, Wonder Press also has made-to-order smoothies, coffee drinks, lattes, cider, tea, cacao drinks, cold-brew coffee drinks, organic lemonades, organic nut milks, super health shots and more. They even have cleanse packages available, as well as office packages.

Since Wonder Press is so much more than a juice bar, I asked the Juice Girls what they would call it. Turns out, there isn’t a description that perfectly encompasses all that Wonder Press has to offer.

“It’s a café, a juice shop, but it’s more than that,” Runge said. “It’s a juice and coffee shop with a full eating area. It’s a social café.”

Stop in and decide for yourself! Visit Wonder Press at 946 Pearl Street in Boulder. Visit their website and view their menu at www.wonderpress.co.