My daughter notices turkey hats everywhere she goes. She puts them on her head and smiles at me. I give thanks for that.

You may gather with friends, you may travel to family, or you may do your own thing. Outside, the shadowy landscape howls with wind and darkness, a time to celebrate the light within you. Today, the contrast of light and dark is prominent, which reminds us to honor each little light that shines in your life.

November is a turning point in the year, a place to go inward for introspection. Receive the messages that come to you on a whim, this is your intuition. When you listen, you will save time and energy.

For instance, if you write, and you get a subtle hint from yourself to save your work, do it now! If you get a strange feeling in your belly when you think of visiting your aunt, take it into consideration. You may go anyway, but keep aware of these subtle body messages or mind snaps that happen quickly.

Through your week, if you pay enough attention, you’ll learn from these ‘hits’. This is another magic trick to motivation. Intuition is a muscle which can be strengthened through awareness and play. It can keep you motivated to choose relevant and timely tasks that take you where you need to be.

Give your soul a place to honor the lessons and gifts which have shown up the past year.

When you practice this introspection, you take part in Category 4 motivational tasks (click here to learn more about the motivational categories). It could seem from the onlooker, that you are sedentary, yet these important tasks enrich your spiritual life, a key to stay motivated in the dark and cold months to come, in Boulder.

This practice allows you a gestation time, where action is not the most critical factor to get things done. We need time for our thoughts and creativity to marinate. You’ve probably said, let me sit on it for a while, or let’s table that for a bit, because you intuitively knew it wasn’t quite time to move forward with a project.

Feel the ‘out-breath’ of the season. Go inside and relax. I find fall and early winter to be the easiest time of the year to sit and meditate. If you’ve always wanted to meditate, now is a great time to start. Download the app, insight timer, and choose a few instrumentals and a few guided meditations to begin your quiet, peaceful mornings and evenings.

I wish you peace and effectiveness this week, whatever is on your schedule. Enjoy this time, and give thanks for the light within you and yours.






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