If hummingbirds came in human form, they’d look like nutrition coach, Johanna Voss. Her boundless energy and passion infect those13.1 Johanna around her—so much so that it’s not until later that you realize you were excitedly talking about chia seeds for the past two hours, and it was actually interesting.

Hailing from the East Coast, Johanna is self-described as a “half marathoner, nutrition junkie, bookstore dweller, tea latte drinker, adventure-seeker [and] world traveler who is fluent in Spanish and has a healthy dose of curiosity.” She specializes in nutrition for female runners looking to improve not only their PRs, but also their quality of life.

With a background in political organizing, Johanna is no stranger to long days and short nights, and the difficulties that abound in trying to fit exercise and proper nutrition into a busy life. She’s always enjoyed cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and encouraging her friends to try new workouts and foods, so it was an easy transition to leave the stressful world of political campaigns to pursue a certification as a health coach four years ago.

As a 36 year old runner, Voss loves working with women who share her interest in marathons and half marathons. Her ideal client “is a woman in her late [twenties to thirties] who is focused, driven, motivated, open to trying new things, laughs a lot, makes the most out of life and understands how nutrition can be a game changer.”

ShortsHandsonHipsBlueWith her feisty, direct attitude, Johanna is no stuffy, boring nutritionist. She “keeps it real,” and promises that you will enjoy discovering new foods with her and solidifying your nutrition plan—a plan that will be as unique as you. Johanna understands that there is no cookie-cutter meal plan perfect for everyone. We each have unique nutritional needs and goals, and Johanna can cut through the clutter to create the perfect plan for you. She will celebrate your successes, and figure out with you what’s not working—together you will become a team, ensuring you meet with maximal success.

Johanna believes that small changes encourage the greatest impact. She will strategize with you about all the small changes that can be made each week, ensuring you receive “positive, immediate, and noticeable feelings of success and improvement.” In her own words, “You’ll have more energy and extra pep in your step. I swear.”

Making healthy eating and exercise a part of your lifestyle is Johanna’s goal. It’s not about the huge dramatic changes—they don’t work. When asked what the top mistakes people make when it comes to changing their lifestyle, Johanna cautions against the following:

  1. Throwing the baby out with the bath water. For example, running late in the morning and so just grabbing a black coffee and bagel. Then eating something sugary around 11am because you’re exhausted. Lunch is forgotten about because you’re slammed at work so by the time dinner arrives, you think “Oh, to hell with it. This day is already shot. I’ll eat my veggies tomorrow.” And then you order something decadent, loaded with calories and missing nutrients, swearing up and down that you’ll do better tomorrow. No. Do better now.
  2. Thinking that in order to improve your diet, improve your running or training, it has to be a big sweeping change. A change to the magnitude of clearing out your entire pantry, only shopping organic at Whole Foods with canvass tote bags and a Prius. Nope. You can do amazing things focusing on just one meal every week or every day, shopping at Safeway or King Soopers. 

If you’d like to get a glimpse into Johanna’s philosophy, she will be speaking on April 14th at the Lucy store in the 29th Street Mall from 6-7pm. In addition to learning about what to eat for breakfast to fuel your workout; or after your workout to fuel your day, attendees will also learn how to exercise with limited time, space and equipment. Come dressed to workout and enjoy 20% off Lucy clothing.

If you’re feeling sluggish throughout the day; unsure of what to make for healthy dinners; looking to get to the leg up on your training and power past your old PRs, then maybe it’s time to give Johanna a call. She can be reached through her website: johannavoss.com; or via cell at: 508-524-1726. Take charge of your nutrition and “master the food that fuels your body.”