breaking chains

Call me a trouble-maker. Call me a non-conformist. Call me an entrepreneur. Call me right, or call me wrong. Just don’t call me accepting of the arbitrary definition and schedule of “work”.

I think many people misinterpret the difference between “work” and “adding value”. The definition of work should be “Creating and adding value to somebody, somewhere”. Why does this have to be confined to such a rigid and miserable 9-5 schedule? Why does it have to be the bane of most people’s existence? Why can’t work become more a fluid concept integrating all of our passions – personal and professional? The answer is that it can. But will it? Well, it already is by a lot of people. Some people are too mentally lazy to really “work” to figure out what their passions are. Some people are afraid to take a risk – unsure if they can recover from an apparent failure. Is it not riskier to guarantee that your whole life will be miserable by doing something you hate for the most energized hours of your week and the most energized years of your life?

I am taking a stand today. I am saying that “work” is no longer a place you go. Or something that you hate doing every Monday morning. Or something that you can’t wait to end every Friday afternoon so that you can speed home and crack open a beer. To live in a constant state of wishing and waiting; wishing it was the weekend and waiting impatiently for it. If we can change the way we think about “work”, we can change this lifestyle – we can break the chains. If we just think of ways to add value, via a service or a new product, we can be a happier society. There are so many opportunities to distill and analyze information today. It is the best time EVER to become self-employed, to become an entrepreneur and even to just work remotely. You can become an expert in a lot of things from the comfort of your living room. You can share your unique perspectives and add tons of value to the marketplace.

Work doesn’t have to be a place you go. It especially does not have to be a place you hate. It can be an outlet for you to help people. This will create a deeper connection between you and your work. It will mean more to you. It will be more alive. You will be more productive because you enjoy it.

Instead of asking yourself “how do I find a job?” Ask yourself, “How do I take the things I know and love and share my perspective (value) with more people?” People are begging for fresh new perspectives and ideas. The opportunities are endless. Just because there are a certain number of jobs, doesn’t mean that can’t be changed. There are an infinite number of opportunities. There are so many jobs that are waiting to be created – why not by you? If you can’t find a “job” – create one. Create value and share it. Change your perspective, change your life. Work from a beach chair in Puerto Rico. The world can be this and if you believe it, it will be.