nightlife photo 1

Image by Lexi Love

As we creep closer toward the holiday there are some fun and exciting possibilities to fill up your evenings this weekend.
For Dead Heads that are feeling nostalgic, Dark Star Orchestra will be performing their take on the Grateful Dead at the Boulder Theater on Thursday, October15th. With over 15 years of performing, Dark Star’s critically acclaimed sound and intoxicating energy brings the music of the past alive for the listening pleasure of old fans as well as new ones.
Unleashing their new album in a multimedia extravaganza, Beats Antique’s Creature Carnival will be enthralling fans and critics alike, Friday and Saturday at the Boulder Theater. The immersive and imaginative production invite those in attendance on a journey with dazzling visuals, spectacular performances and enveloping sound. This show will bring you father into the mind’s eye of the artists than ever before.
If you enjoy local whiskey and vodka, cut through the chill of the autumn air while listening to some sultry blues at the 303 Distillery this Saturday starting at 7pm.  The Steele Blues band will be opening for Rex Peoples and the Xfactor at the 303’s Blues Show Case. The Blues Show Case features Colorado artists paired with Colorado spirits.
If more Halloween themed events seems better suited to your tastes, and Haunted houses aren’t your thing, try the ”Haunted Psycho Killer Escape” room . This is an interactive puzzle that locks you inside. Only once you have figured out all the clues can you be freed from the room. It’s for groups ranging from 2-4 people. In keeping form with most escape rooms, the more problem solvers the better.
When Sunday rolls around, if you desire to tickle your funny-bone you can always see some great comedic acts at the Bohemian Biergarten. Sexpot Comedy and Denver Relief team up with the Biergarten to bring some fantastic entertainment to your Sunday. The show starts at 7:00pm so don’t miss any of the hilarity!