Some people have adventure in their blood, an obvious passion for exploring and Randy exudes exactly that.

An avid outdoorsman, Randy had dreamed of moving back to Colorado since living here briefly over 30 years ago. Whether its hiking, skiing, climbing or riding, any spare time he has is spent in the mountains. “The mountains are really my passion, not just a hobby. Whatever I can do to be up there…that’s where I’m at.” Motorcycles have also always been a passion so putting the two together has been wonderful for him.

Randy has worked in pretty much every facet of the construction industry. Through the years he has gone from simple handy work to overseeing the building of security towers on our US boarders to constructing amazing indoor climbing walls. He currently runs his own business, Canyon Craftsmen, with his son.

Born in Massachusetts, Randy has traveled all 48 contiguous states and lived in quite a few as well but spent the majority of those years in Florida. He is a father of 5, grandfather of 6 and very active in his church. He once spent time in the Dominican Republic putting his building skills to use doing mission work and hopes to have the opportunity to do a lot more in the future.

If you ever want to hear some crazy stories, this is your guy! He has done a bit of everything and then some, just grab a beer and be ready to laugh!

Thank you, Randy!