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Lindsay’s Boulder Deli at Haagen Dazs on Pearl street has a rich history of feeding the Boulder community. Lindsay Shaw, the deli’s owner and namesake, has devoted her whole life to satisfying customers, serving ice cream at her father’s shop in Atlanta, Georgia, since “before she could see over the counter.” Now, Shaw makes a point to be visible at her deli, taking orders at the counter, preparing sandwiches, and stopping by chat with tables. Her devotion to customer care is legendary, and is something she’s written into her company culture. As a rule, customers are greeted warmly as they walk in the building. The deli is also an inclusive space which serves food for a variety of diets, from vegan and vegetarian to Kosher options to fit the diverse taste buds of the Boulder community.

The inside of the building is a casual and quirky, an atmosphere that juxtaposes the deli’s culinary artistry. Food and beverage are ordered at the front counter with the line for Haagen Dazs parallel to the deli. Above the register is a giant chalkboard with all the combinations for soup, salad, and sandwiches. Soups are homemade daily, everything from Boars Head Chili, Tomato Basil, and cream of every vegetable imaginable. And the portions are huge! My personal favorite? The That’s What She Said! This homage to The Office is stacked with turkey, bacon, apples, onion, cheddar, swiss, arugula, garlic mayo, and chipotle honey mustard on a ciabatta roll. At Lindsay’s, they pile on ingredients to give each sandwich its own unique flavor. And for the picky eaters and paleo-dieters, you have the option to build your own sandwich out of their fresh ingredients.

The spacious tables are great for families and offers plenty of room for kids to run away. While waiting at one of the tables on the floor (the daring will sit in the chairs shaped like hands), you can enjoy the hanging wall art and bright colors on the walls designed by Lindsay’s own friends and family.

The beauty in Linday’s Deli is its meld between local and national businesses. Customers at the deli can enjoy the artistry and customer service of a local business and the consistency of a chain like Haagen Dazs. The two cultures, surprisingly, meld together like one of Linday’s deliciously cheesy tuna melts.

They also serve breakfast.

Try in store or enjoy via pick-up and delivery.

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