If you have ever coached a team sport of any kind, been a parent whose children are part of any number of team sports, or have been involved in a team of any kind then you know the organizational struggles of team sports. Even though in my mid twenties I am far removed from the team sport scene, I do remember the coordination chaos my parents underwent on a daily basis having three kids all involved in multiple soccer teams and dance companies; who had practice which night of the week and for what team, what time were games on the weekends? Or is it performances this weekend? Whose turn was it to bring team snacks? Oh and don’t forget about the pasta parties before big games!

From a coaching perspective it doesn’t get any easier. Keeping track of game and practice schedules is difficult enough without having to worry about uniform costs, team costs and if your team will have enough players to show up for the game. So how do you stay organized on the field as a coach or player or off the field as a parent? Never fear, there’s an app for that!

TeamSnap is the answer for all your sports or groups organizational needs from all standpoints—parent, player, organizer or coach. TeamSnap is an online software and mobile app that keeps track of all your group or team’s needs in one place; schedules, rosters, intragroup communication and much more are all simplified with TeamSnap.  TeamSnap offers a plethora of useful features to make organizing and participating in team sports or groups much more efficient and much easier including organizing your team’s schedule online, storing all your team’s contact info in one place, tracking member availability and payments.

The scheduling feature is arguably the best feature TeamSnap offers. It can coordinate all your team’s games online or on your mobile device through the app. Dates, times and even locations via a Google maps link can be inputted. The schedule isn’t limited to game time and dates however. Group activities like pasta parties or team snack rotations can also be coordinated through the scheduling feature as well. TeamSnap’s schedule can sync with your iCal, Google Calendar and even Outlook if you upgrade to their subscription package.

Player and member information is all catalogued through TeamSnap’s Roster feature. Players, coaches and even non-players (hey parents!) can create their own personal profiles, input their photo, contact information and any other pertinent information for the team or group.

Know exactly who is available for every game, event and practice on your team or group’s calendar through TeamSnap’s RSVP feature. No more anxiety about whether you’ll have enough players to play the game or if enough people will show up to have practice be worth it. Member’s availability option for each event is listed, ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’ with a spot for additional notes as to why they are unavailable or availability constrictions.

TeamSnap also records and tracks payment for your team or groups fees and notes who has paid and who has not through an option on the team roster. Want the ability to make payments through the site? Set up a PayPal account to receive payments through the app or online website. This eliminates the confusion surrounding payments and who has paid and who has not paid for activities fees or general team costs.

TeamSnap has numerous versions best suited for your team or group’s needs. The most basic version is free, and from there can upgrade to more features and time saving organizational hacks at affordable prices.  TeamSnap launched in 2009 by entrepeanur David DuPont and is now used by 7 million people and over 500,000 teams, clubs and leagues.