As I contemplate what I would like to manifest, I have a few guidelines. These guidelines protect from overwhelm. They also help me organize my goals.


  1. Keep goals simple and measurable.
  2. Use astrology and numerology, as it is easier to match up what comes easier with your effort.
  3. Make certain these goals align with your values – you want to take action in ways that are important to you.
  4. Make sure you are willing to do the work – don’t create a goal that your mom wants you to do. These are yours. You need to have the discipline and focus to stand behind them this entire year.
  5. Ask yourself, is what you want to do realistic? If you are pregnant this year, a scuba diving trip probably isn’t the goal you’re looking for, sorry. Next year, maybe.

These guidelines will help you sit down and prepare yourself for what you would like to accomplish next year. Of course, be gentle with yourself if you tend to be an overachiever. If you tend to let life happen to you, go ahead and make a goal that scares you, but excites you, and promise yourself you’ll take action toward that goal.

For those of you who wonder about guideline number 2, I know from experience, that if we know what is going on in our stars, we will have an easier time understanding why we should or shouldn’t strive for a specific goal.

For instance, and I know this is a stretch for some of you, but stay with me, my Jupiter traveled through my 12th house last year, and here is what was so frustrating about that goal. I thought I would transition from full time mom to part time work. But my son needed much more tender care from his mommy than my daughter, so I was sleepless for much longer. Not to mention, the 12th house in all of our charts stands for hidden parts of our selves the unconscious, and being invisible. Jupiter means good luck, expansion, wealth, and abundance. You can imagine when I made the goal to go back to work, how difficult and unsuccessful it was due to the placement of the stars at that time.

Another example is in numerology. We all have personal year numbers, in 9-year cycles. Last year was a 9 for me – this means endings, wrapping up, and reflection. To begin a new project was not going to be easy as far as this philosophy goes, either. Whether you believe the stars and numbers have any influence on your life, it’s good basic practice to know what might be going on in your charts, so you can tailor them to your direction in life. Check this website out to find out what your personal year will be.

That should get you motivated to begin your goal-setting.




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