Yesterday I spent my morning amongst the flora and fauna of mountain land, tending a beautiful garden of wildflowers and native plants, herbs and roses.  As I spend more time working with the earth and the plants, I begin to feel the cycle of the seasons come alive in me.

If you know me, you know I can’t resist a good metaphor, and a change of season is ripe with meaning for our own journey.  So, inspired by the nature of the season, I have been pondering a few questions.

We are approaching the autumnal equinox, one of only two times in the year when day and night are of equal length. It is a wonderful time for reflecting on the nature of balance in our lives, and for noticing how far we have come since Spring.

This Spring, what ideas and new beginnings was I planting and nurturing?

This Summer, what have I been actively expressing?

How did those seeds grow?

What has been alive in my life, growing and changing?

Here we are in late Summer, on the edge of Autumn. In the fields and gardens we are harvesting plentifully, and our friends are begging us to take their apples, pears and squash!


What am I harvesting in my life?

What is now ready for me to take, to receive?

What are the fruits of my labor?

Harvest time is a time for really noticing abundance, and for feeling our gratitude.

And as we are busy deadheading, cutting back and weeding in the garden in preparation for the winter months, we tidy up our inner landscape a little too, preparing to slow down and snuggle in, take our hibernation.

What can I weed out?

What don’t I need any more?

Do I have an inkling of new beginnings I would like to see to when Spring comes?

Is there any groundwork to do, any preparation that can happen now?

This weekend is a perfect time for being outdoors in the fall colors, and the weather seems to be co-operating! However you’re spending it, I hope you enjoy the vibrancy and glow of the season!  

Tune in next week, when I begin my monthly interview series with a look at astrology and spirituality through the eyes of the wonderful Sophie Rose, local astrologer, author and teacher.  I’m excited!