Being a senior doesn’t always mean graduating on time. Spring semester for these students is just another ordinary semester. For the seniors who are graduating in May though, Spring semester provides the ultimate realization: the perfect combination of freedom and a general lack of adult-ing is coming to a dreaded end. Have no fear, seniors. Here is a guide to surviving and thriving during the last semester.

1) Get out of your comfort zone – Life doesn’t truly begin until you have, and on top of that, now is more of a time than ever to throw yourself into new situations such as networking possibilities.

2) Sleep less – A big fear of every senior who can see college coming to an end is realizing that college isn’t a race that we want to finish. With this, the final semester is a time to do every single thing that you have wanted to do. Visit the star, hike & rock climb on the weekdays, do out on a Monday night.

3) Focus on what’s important to you – Wether it be friends, adventuring or school, go all in with everything that you’re doing.

4) Make plans – Longterm and short term. Although it sucks, now is the time to contemplate life. What do you want to do, where do you want to live? Aside from these crucial decisions, plan weekend trips, nights out in Boulder, a great spring break…

5) Start looking for jobs – Not necessarily applying, but definitely start looking. Update your resume, clean up your Facebook and edit you LinkdIn.