Your Mental Armor is a positive attitude. Your attitude is the one thing you always have complete and total control over. Your attitude dictates your response to every situation. If you have a positive attitude, you create opportunities. If you have a negative attitude, you create excuses and more unfavorable situations.

Building a positive attitude can withstand any, and all, circumstances. It is an invincibility. It is your armor. It will protect you from negativity. You will never become a victim of circumstance. Opportunities will find you because you are always looking up and looking forward.  Your head will never hang in defeat. Your victorious attitude will provide countless new opportunities in your life.

When something happens to you that some might consider “bad” or “unfortunate”, you do not waste a single second being negative about it. Negativity only prevents you from finding the positives. Negativity stops progress dead in its tracks. You stop moving forward and start retreating when you allow your attitude to shift to the negative.

Building a positive attitude that can overcome all setbacks takes effort. It is natural to feel victimized in certain situations. You always have to power to choose to be different and not accept that. Whatever it takes to remind yourself to always respond positively, you must do. Whether it is repeating affirmations in the morning, wearing a wristband with a positive message on it, or getting something positive tattooed on your forehead! These little reminders push negativity out of our heads and bring more abundance and opportunity into our lives. (If you do decide to tattoo something positive on your forehead, share your pictures with us. We will all give you the virtual “tip of the hat”).

When you hear somebody else talking negative, interject with something positive. You can alter the trajectory of somebody else’s life in a positive way with a positive comment. Help others notice their own negativity and more importantly, help them recognize the positivity that can be found in every situation.  Either that, or kindly exit the conversation. There is nothing to gain from dwelling on negative situations. The faster you can move on, the quicker a new opportunity will find you.

CHALLENGE: Set a recurring reminder on your phone to pop up 2-3 times a day that will help you develop a more powerful positive attitude. A simple reminder can completely alter your day and help get you back on track when something does not go your way. Ask yourself something simple, like: “What are 3 things I am incredibly grateful for right now?” or “What is the most exciting thing I have coming down the pipeline right now?”

People can make fun of your reminders and call you “Mr. Rogers”, but who cares? Ask them if they want to be “your neighbor” and participate in this fun (and pretty nerdy) little experiment. Share your results with everybody in the comments section and take a little step, right now, to build a more positive attitude. Once you have mastered yourself and your responses to the outside world, there is no way that you will not be more successful and happy.