No, the B Corp is not some new Transformers sequel or some government program designed to eliminate the lingering ills of the 2008 recession. The B Corp is a certification: nothing more than a label, plain and simple. It’s not even an official legal registration designation, it’s simply a signal to consumers that a company intends to behave in an ethically, socially responsible way and, in turn, the company intends to be held accountable for that promise.

According to B Lab, the organization that issues the B Corp certification, “B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” There are over 1,400 B Corps nationwide and there are currently 65 B Corps registered right here in Colorado, all with the common goal “to redefine success in business.” As Boulder residents, we should be proud of all of the Boulder-based companies that are jumping on the B Corp bandwagon.

Boulder companies like Bhakti Chai, Namaste Solar, The Tea Spot, and Goddess Garden Organics, are businesses that have been early adopters of the B Corp mission and have continued to push for social and environmental change through for-profit business activities. These companies have found that the B Corp designation has helped them to preserve and protect their core missions, attract and engage high quality talent, generate positive press, and differentiate themselves from competitors. The intention is that, with these benefits, the B Corp designation will help companies become more profitable while also focusing on social and environmental responsibility. Boulder is a hotbed for the discussion of social and environmental responsibility in business and our community should continue to drive change in this area. If the concerned, smart, successful citizens of Boulder cannot support B Corps, then there is no doubt that they will face even greater challenges throughout the rest of the world.