This week is dedicated to new Boulderites. If you’re visiting for a few days or just moved to Boulder, these are the things you must do and witness for yourself.

  • The Flatirons: Those who love the outdoors and hiking, this is the spot for you. It is a gorgeous trail all the way to the top. And if you don’t want to hike, have a picnic at the bottom, and enjoy the view of the beautiful Flatirons behind you.
  • flatirons
  • Chautauqua Park: Right across the street from the Flatirons is a fun park to hang out with family and friends. Sometimes there are festivals or concerts.
  • Pearl Street Mall: This is the best people watching you will ever experience. Street performers are also very talented and impressive to see. The shops and dining options are endless.
  • Celestial Seasonings Factory: Tea, tea, tea. If you love it, go check out the tour where it is made. There is a Celestial Seasonings on CU campus, but the factory is a must see. You even get to wear a hair net and walk into the “mint room.”
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR): A great place to walk through and explore the atmosphere and science at its best. It is also a great hiking trailhead. You can drive straight up to it, check out inside, then go for a hike.
  • Boulder Creek: There is never a day people are not at Boulder Creek. It is a great path to walk along in the winter, and a great tubing creek for the summer.
  • Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse: It is no Brown Palace, but pretty close and lot more reasonable pricing. Get together with the girls and grab tea and biscuits to share. They even have workshops to participate in.

University of Colorado: The heart and soul of Boulder is this campus. It has beautiful red stone buildings that you can see miles away. Walking through campus is a site to see.


  • The Flagstaff Star: Although it is only available in winter, it is a short trek up a hill to be right underneath the massive lit up star. It is lit every year to start the celebration of the holidays.
  • The Hill: This might mean more to new college students, but there is plenty to do for everyone. The Hill is North of campus with a lot of dining options to choose from. Half Fast Subs is one of the best!

So there you have it, welcome to Boulder!