Here I am again with so much to say about these under advertised events that I just want to get straight into them.  I will say this, though: This month’s events are a treat for all senses.  Come see what I mean.


Throughout the entire month of March the Boulder Dinner Theater is putting on their performance of Disenchanted.  This comedic parody of classic fairytales turns all the classic tropes about princess we know on their heads.  This musical features all the Disney princesses becoming fed up with how they’re being presented in today’s media and join together to reclaim their lives.  Disenchanted was nominated in 2015 for the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Off-Broadway Musical, as well as the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best New Musical.  Just be aware that while this musical comedy features familiar Disney princesses, the situations and comedy are not aimed at children.


From March 9 through the 11 The Blind Cafe will be in town before heading off to Portland.  You’re probably wondering what The Blind Cafe is, which is understandable.  In short, it is an organization focused on creating positive social change under the cover of darkness.  The event inspires creativity through music performed in total darkness.  The event is facilitated by legally blind staff to guide attendees into a new way of viewing the world without sight.  This is one you need to”see” to believe.
CU’s Munzinger auditorium is proudly screening the film TAMPOP as part of their international film series.  On March 12th the ramen comedy, considered by many to be among the best films about food ever created, will be shown for just $10 per ticket.  This spaghetti western about ramen is one that fans of food will not want to miss.  Without giving anything away, the film follows a band of ramen ronin who are escorting the widow of a noodle shop owner on her mission to discover the perfect recipe.  Plus, after the film, everyone is invited to enjoy some ramen at My Ramen & Izakaya to talk about the film.

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