This week check out the rich harmonies and psychedelic rock sounds of Flash Mountain Flood and Kind Hearted Strangers; get in touch with your adventurous side and hop on one of the many trails at Chautauqua and Settler’s Park. Boulder is busy this week with perfect and endless summer activities, events, and local favorites. With a slow start to the week, check out some of the highlights for later this week here.

Wednesday 7/12

Relax, the weekend is almost here; in the meantime why not spend the evening at Chautauqua’s viewing of the 1924 version of Peter Pan? Beginning at 7:30pm until 9:30pm, the Chautauqua Auditorium will host the movie alongside a live orchestra. Tickets and information are available HERE

Thursday 7/13

Check out smooth grooves from Flash Mountain Band at the Fox theater this Thursday! Performing an array of originals tunes that combine beats from jazz to funk to bluegrass and rock, Flash Mountain Band will surely entertain. Doors open at 8:30pm with show start time at 9pm. Tickets and information available HERE

Friday 7/14

CU’s Fiske Plaentarium will once again amaze and transfix with their LiiquidSky Floyd: The Wall. Pairing Pink Floyd’s timeless classics and hits with visually stunning imagery, there is no better place to spend your Friday night. The event runs from 11pm-11:59pm with tickets and more information available HERE

Saturday 7/15

Today through Sunday 7/16, the 1300 Block of Pearl st will be host to the Pearl Street Arts Fest. Local shops and artisans will display and sell their handcrafted and local goods; photography, sculpture, and up cycled arts are just a few of the goodies up for purchase. There will be children’s interactive activities and live performances. Don’t miss all this and more from 10am-5pm on the Pearl St Mall.

A senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Martine studies English Creative Writing and actively pursues areas of study such as visual arts, linguistics, psychology, peace studies, and much more. Since middle school, Martine’s passion for life and its journey has translated into her writing—fostering a need for constantly new surroundings and unique experiences. This has led her to write not only about life in a ‘rose-colored’ glasses manner, but has also strengthened her love of photography. She loves spending her free time with outside with her dog and camera; shooting life in way that not only captures natural beauty, but also emphasizes the hidden details of her surroundings by taking the path less hiked. Since moving to Boulder, Martine has fallen in love with rock climbing and hiking, leading her to spend many sunny afternoons in various parts of the front rage and further strengthening her love of nature. With the Flat Irons as her backdrop, Martine is never in need of inspiration and aims to reveal the hidden treasures Colorado has to offer.