In a health-conscious city packed with elite athletes, a regular visit to the gym can quickly turn into an intimidating event as you suffer through a grueling Spin class next to an Olympic triathlete who’s barely glistening after her ‘rest day’ workout. For some, this can be inspiring, but for others, this can be the final straw in ending their workouts for good. But before you throw in the figurative sweat towel, maybe it’s time to try one more place—a quiet facility that’s clean and open—a gym where you’ll be encouraged to work your way to the best shape of your life, but without the intimidation. How about a gym that caps group classes at 12 members to ensure no one gets lost and everyone gets the attention they deserve? And even better, some of the best trainers around can be found there, too. Sound too good to be true? Well, you haven’t discovered Inspired Athletic Movement (IAM) then.

IAM began as a collaboration between Erica Sigel and Nicole Irlbeck in August of 2013.  erica nicoleRecovering from an acute illness, Erica started out as a client of Nicole’s in 2009. After losing 100 pounds, Erica decided to share her experience with others and became a certified personal trainer, going to work for Nicole in 2012, and has now added certifications in nutrition and cancer exercise therapy. With a Masters Degree in exercise science and athletic training, Nicole created Restoration Fitness in 2007 with the intention of helping women regain their bodies and confidence after chronic illness, inconsistency or injury. It seemed only natural after working together that they partner to create a space that supports “the full value of what trainers have to offer” as well as supporting “the bigger picture of holistic health for clients.”

IAM is nestled off Arapahoe behind the Boulder Dinner Theater in a large, open facility filled with natural light. An open floor plan allows a number of trainers to work with their clients without tripping over other members. The highly skilled trainers at IAM are independent business owners—so you can be guaranteed that they are devoted to your goals and to getting you there safely and effectively. They are dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself possible.

In addition to working with trainers, IAM offers a wide variety of small group classes that include high interval training styles, yoga, meditation, mobility, TRX and circuit classes. Members are encouraged to expand their fitness lifestyle with such a broad selection, ensuring they meet all their health needs. Classes are kept small so that each member receives guided and careful attention from the inspiring, educated trainers and group fitness instructors.

iam gymErica and Nicole want Inspired Athletic Movement to be their clients’ fitness resource center through their premium perks membership and educational workshops that fully support overall health. They have partnered with local health practitioners to offer “Premium Perks” to their premium members. These amazing health practitioners (nutritionists, acupuncturist, massage therapist, chiropractor, hormone specialist, and even a private blood work lab) offer discounts to premium level members. As Erica says, “We really want our members to thrive and we want to reward them for making a commitment to their health.”

Isn’t it time you made a commitment to your health? To learn more about IAM, their trainers, classes and upcoming additions, such as physical therapy and larger class space, read more on their website at:

IAM is located at 5485 Conestoga Ct., Ste. 110B in Boulder.

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