The Terpenes and Testing Magazine World Conference, described as “the most promising and comprehensive cannabis science expo in the United States,” was held April 11-12 in San Jose, CA. This two-day conference was a collection of the top cannabis science experts in the world. It is currently the largest gathering of cannabis science thought leaders on the planet and I feel honored to have been involved.

Antonio and I both had the pleasure of participating as panelists on their Hemp Panel. We spoke about how hemp is part of our daily lives as a food source, a natural plant medicine, and how hemp can best benefit athletes. It was an amazing experience to being able to educate the community, and share the truth about hemp just days after we covered the Athletes for Care Panel at the NoCo Hemp Expo.

On top of having the opportunity to share my passion about the many benefits of hemp, we got to meet several like minded hemp industry experts on our panel. All of them work in different areas, but also have a passion for hemp as a healthy food source. The entire panel consisted of four panelists and one moderator. Besides Antonio and I, the other two panelists were Todd Dalotto and Shadi Ramey. Our moderator was Niko Uman who is the Farm Advisor for Green Bee Farms in Vermont. 

Todd Dalotto is the President of CAN! Research, Education & Consulting. He is also the author of The Hemp Cookbook From Seed to Shining Seed. Todd shared about the struggles of working with hemp foods before the loosening of legislation. Even though we have a lot of improvements to make, he is glad things are moving in the right direction.

Shadi Ramey is the CEO and Founder of Satya Kama, which carries a line of hemp based skin and body creams. She is also a Culinary Anthropologist and Chef. She spoke about her personal relationship with hemp and how growing it herself is part of being more closely connected to the plant. She owns a hemp and herb farm just outside of Boulder, CO.

Having the opportunity to meet these fellow hemp supporters and industry leaders was the highlight of the conference for me. I want to thank them personally for the work they’ve done to help pave the way for hemp, and the work they’re currently doing to push the movement even further. Together we will all show how valuable of a plant hemp really is. It has the potential to save our planet, and only working together, can we make sure it has the chance to reach that potential.    

Heather is a sponsored cannabis athlete, content producer, and the Co-Owner of Marijuana Fitness Nutrition at Before becoming an athlete, and advocate for cannabis, she graduated from the University of Missouri, while working full time, and earning her B.A. in Personal Financial Planning. She continued her successful career, rising in the finance industry, only to leave it all behind in search for a life more meaningful. It wasn’t until she moved to Colorado, in 2015, when she discovered her true passions, marijuana, fitness, and nutrition. Heather now balances her time between managing her growing lifestyle brand, training for, and placing in athletic competitions, and producing some of the best CannaFitness content in the industry. This requires her to take on the titles of Photographer, Videographer, Director, Editor, Producer…, and the list goes on, but she still manages to enjoy time with her family. Although her adventurous spirit will always take her back out to run a trail, hike a mountain, or raft a river, she loves the peaceful moments at home, and cuddling with her husband, Antonio, and their two cats, Forest and Aspen.