It’s no secret that Boulder is home to a thriving art scene. With countless galleries and performance spaces, one could very easily spend every weekend, and most weekdays, exploring a new area within this cultural sphere.

If you’re one of these weekend gallery warriors, get yourself a ticket for Murmuration this Saturday, May 21st and explore a whole new side of the performing arts. Produced by Block 1750, Murmuration blends extensive genres of dance and music to create a collaborative work. The show, its name stemming from the vast flocks that starlings form, echoes its namesake through the inclusive and social network of artists all working toward the same goal. You’ll see ballerinas and bboys dancing to the music of street performers and drum lines; the performance eschews normative expression. By bringing together people from such distinctly different backgrounds, the show inspires diversity within the community as a whole.

Held in Chautauqua’s impressive auditorium, this show is not something to miss. In fact, it might get just a little bit wild. The energy of hundreds of people all moving as one is bound to be spectacular. So go ahead, feed into it. Enjoy the crackle of being alive. Appreciate the fierceness of the dancers and musicians. Embrace the song, dance, and diversity that makes Boulder so unique.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for more ways to explore the Boulder art scene this summer, check out AboutBoulder’s art column for weekly updates and artist spotlights.