Photo credit: Keith Righthouse

1. Half Fast Subs

 I LOVE Half Fast Subs! It’s got great prices on drinks and subs, and the dive atmosphere is my favorite. Located on Boulder’s ever-changing ‘The Hill’ district, the atmosphere has some old0-school charm. It’s a no-frills, low key establishment that feels very comfortable to hang out at. Kick back on the patio, drink a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea—dubbed the ‘Strongo’—and laugh with friends. You can’t beat it.

Photo credit: Kellon Spencer

 2. The Spot

 The Spot is a cool hidden gem that has a fine duality; you can climb and drink a beer. The Spot was the first bouldering gym to open in America and it has that fun old school vibe. Being a climber, it’s one of my favorite climbing gyms, and a lot of that has to do with the vibe they give off. The Spot is a casual, friendly hangout for climbers and non-climbers alike. It’s more a social gathering than a gym, which makes it fun to spend a night there with friends. The staff is great and very warm, making you feel excited to be there.

3. Rayback Collective

 Another gem of Boulder, sometimes not heard of due to its location off Valmont, however, it’s worth it. A true outdoor hangout place, the Rayback thrives with Colorado’s nice summers and pleasant weather. Featuring an indoor and outdoor area to hang out, the Rayback creates a fun and cozy atmosphere for anyone. The outdoor patio always has a variety of food trucks, and the inside features the bar which holds a large selection of beers on tap as well as specialty cocktails.

Rea McLaughlin is an enthusiastic soul that loves life from Colorado. She loves the Colorado sunshine and enjoys partaking in it often by going climbing, hiking or camping. She attained her BFA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she fell in love with storytelling. After living in NYC for a year to pursue film, Rea is happily back in Colorado enjoying the mountains and sunshine. One of her favorite themes to explore in her art and writing is the human spirit and human connection. When she’s not climbing or creating, Rea loves traveling to music festivals and going to Red Rocks shows. She might ask you for your birth time to check out your astrology chart too! (She is a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Rising). She loves to enjoy life and squeeze the very best of out of it.