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Articles by: Max Schosid

Fate Brewing Company Boulder

FATE Brewing: Drinking in the Land of Hops and Collaboration

Sometimes, friends, it just hits me. I wake up in the morning, and after a strong cup of Kona, after a solid breakfast made up of a bowl of oatmeal and maybe half a bagel, I say to myself, “I could really use a hoppy beer right about now.” Perhaps this is indicative of a […]

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Nighthawk Brewing Broomfield

Escape the Rain! Stay Dry! Nighthawk Brewery!

Waking up to the sound of rain is a sobering reminder for the people of Boulder county. In a way, it brings us all back to those days in September of 2013, when we never thought we’d see the sun again. Some of us were lucky. Me? I was lucky. I live on the second […]

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Asher Brewing Gunbarrel

Earth Day and the Organic Question at Asher Brewing

Late April is always a fascinating time in Boulder, because you have two holidays that many of us truly enjoy. First up, always on the 20th of every year, is the hallowed “420”, which, to many (CU’s Administration, for example), is just a major headache. To those who actually have a reason behind celebrating 420, […]

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Grossen Bart Brewery Boulder

Big Beards, and Even Bigger Beers : Groẞen Bart Brewery

I remember the day in high school, all those years ago, when my German teacher, Frau Sussak, expressed to me the virtues of learning German. Like any student who somehow gets caught up in Deutsch, rather than a perhaps more functional language like Spanish, I started to question whether learning German was actually worth my […]

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Sanitas Brewing Co Boulder

Much Ado About A Patio: Sanitas Brewing Co.

I am a sucker for springtime in Colorado. Aside from the random and inevitable snow that will blanket the Flatirons every once in awhile, springtime in Boulder is simply majestic. People will emerge from their Netflix and delivery pizza hibernation, flip on a pair of Ray-Bans, don a stylized tank top, and will then explore […]

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The Post Brewing Company Lafayette

Hot Chicken, Cold Beer: The Post Brewing Company

Living in Colorado, one has to acclimate oneself to the ever-present kitsch of the “old west” aesthetic. Whether you’re being referred to as “pardner” every fifteen seconds, or donning a mining helmet while frontier folk sing Little House on the Prairie to you, sometimes you just have to throw your hands up, tighten your britches, […]

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J Wells Brewery Boulder

J Wells Brewery: Putting the ‘Micro’ in ‘Microbrewery’

Think about the biggest brewery you have ever been to. For many Coloradans, that answer is pretty easy: just take Highway 93 from Boulder to Golden. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. The Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado has a brewing capacity of some 13 million barrels annually, which comes out to something like […]

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Bru Boulder

BRU: A Respite From Colorado’s Vexing Winter Weather

As embarrassing as it is, I’ll just have to come out and say it. Despite being a Colorado native, and despite living in The Bubble for the better part of the last decade, for whatever reason, this winter just seems more tedious and annoying than any I can remember. Beautiful sunny days are interrupted by harrowing […]

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Avery Brewing Company Boulder

Boulder Says “Goodbye!” to Avery Brewing Company

In all honesty, it’s definitely one of the strangest places for a taproom. It’s the kind of place, the first few times you visit, you’re certain you’ve made a wrong turn. The mangled corpses of wrecked cars line your path, delving further from the street, and deeper into this strange hodgepodge of commercial buildings. Of course, […]

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Boulder Colorado Air Quality

A Day on Boulder Creek

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