fuel to fire

We all possess a secret power deep within us. This secret power has the ability to create and manifest anything that we want in our lives. It is an unlimited catalog that we can place “orders” with, whenever we want. It will give us anything that we want, we just have to ask. Maybe it is wealth, success, new cars or just happiness – whatever it is we can have it. Period.

So how do we unleash this power?


Visualization is the fuel to our internal-fire. Visualization is our connection to an infinite supply of wisdom, creativity and wealth. The Universe is always working to give us what we are focusing our thoughts on, whether positive or negative. We can use this power to build the things that we want or we can neglect it. The choice is ours.

Like anything, the more we practice visualization, the better we become at creating what we desire.

Visualization is a tool. It is a skill. It is something we can use to attract anything we want. When we want something, we must work really hard to repeatedly visualize ourselves possessing. This sets in motion the natural laws of the Universe. These laws are as true as gravity. They work just as well for you as they do for me.

The problem is that most people don’t even know about these natural laws. They don’t even know about this secret power that we all possess. They drift aimlessly, thinking that things merely “happen” to them. This is not true. Everything that happens in our life is the result of our prior thoughts – good or bad. Once we accept this, we can begin changing our thoughts and visualizing the things that we want in life. This is the key to everything that we want in life.

Once you have begun to visualize yourself attracting and creating all of the objects of your desire, keep working on it with full faith. Don’t ever worry about HOW you are going to do something. Just visualize yourself doing it. When you have a powerful vision in your mind, or a burning desire to achieve something, you unlock an infinite level of wisdom and creativity in your mind. When something is that important, you will find a way. You will begin to attract all of the favorable circumstances that support your vision. You will attract the right books, the right people, money and even idea that will help with the fulfillment.

So think about this – what are you currently attracting in your life? What are your dominant thoughts about success and wealth? Do you think making money is “difficult”? Do you think staying in shape takes “too much work”? Do you believe that you could drive a brand new Ferrari by the end of the year?

Take a close look at your thoughts. The circumstances you are experiencing are a function of your beliefs. Do you like the direction they are pointed, or do you see room for improvement? I’m sure we all, including myself, see opportunities to become better, so start small. Write down all of the things that you would like to have by the end of the year and start visualizing them coming true for a couple minutes before you go to bed each night. Remember, the more powerful and intense the visualization is, the faster it will be created in reality.