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My Most Beautiful Gift Giving Ideas

December 13th, 2014

I approached this week’s column with verve. Fantasy online shopping is one of my favorite procrastination past times. So the prospect of perusing offerings upon offerings for holiday gift ideas? YES, PLEASE. Then a weird thing happened. I started to feel… icky. Like I’d had a body dip in jam and then rolled around in sawdust. Icky. There were so many things. So many price points. So much that honestly… nobody really needs. I suppose I had my own little “meaning of Christmas” crisis. A crisis only because the column I intended to write was predicated on buying... Read More

It IS the Most Wonderful Time!

December 6th, 2014

It’s the hap-happiest season of all! Regardless of views on religion, capitalism, or some mixture of both, this is when make-up aficionados become their merriest, their brightest, their freakin’ holly jolliest. Why? GIFT SETS. The yuletide comes around and beauty companies go all out with medleys, deals, and trial sizes. And while the various offerings do make great gifts for most humans, what I’d like to focus on is sprucing up your make-up collection. I know the purse strings on Santa’s (AKA your) bag are probably tight, but if you plan on spending money on make-up anytime... Read More

Spend Your Long Weekend With Beauty Vlogs That Don’t Suck

November 29th, 2014

As you read this I am most likely curled up in an introverted heap with a book, knitting, sudoku, or some combination of the three. And I am most likely loving it. We’re going on a hut trip this Thanksgiving. A hut trip? A hut trip. This means I’m going to be holed up in the wilderness with no running water nor electricity for four days. While I’m looking forward to justifiably wearing as many fleece based clothing items as humanly possible, I will not have internet. Thus, I’ve decided to leave you with the very capable advice and application techniques of some of my favorite Beauty Vloggers. Falling... Read More

Going Outside and Getting VDs? Here’s How to Stop It

November 8th, 2014

Once the skin of my hands start catching threads on my clothes I know winter has arrived. As a health professional I wash my hands eleventy times a day year round, but it’s not until the air withers and the temperatures drop that they become human Brillo pads. It’s gross. If sandpaper and steel wool spawned a love child, that offspring’s texture is my skin. Not only is it displeasing to the eye, it hurts in a subtle, ever-present, burning kind of way. Like how I imagine venereal disease must feel. So what’s the best mode of prevention? You guessed it: use protection. Stay with me here,... Read More

The Fraidy Cat’s Guide to the Perfect Cat Eye

October 25th, 2014

  Last week I promised you last minute Halloween make-up tutorials. That’s out the window. Turns out I need more than a week to come up with lighting that doesn’t make me look like I’ve emerged from a nap beneath a highway offramp and truth be told, all I really wanted to tutorial was how to be a kitty cat. And we can still have that discussion. Basically, go grab some waterproof liquid black eyeliner and do this to your face.  BOOM. Halloween-ed. With tutorials and felines on the brain I decided instead we could look into how to create the perfect cat eye. I know. I too am a fraidy... Read More

5 Trends in Halloween Make-Up

October 18th, 2014

Okay, so apparently my threshold for horror is pretty low. Too many rounds of googling “Halloween make-up” has left me disturbed by what lengths people go to for this holiday. The “make-up” wares these Halloween stores are peddling look like a who’s who of a South Bronx Emergency Room — gunshot wound, gunshot wound, stabbing scar, gunshot wound. Why would I want to look as though my face has been blown off? Who needs hypothetical catastrophic injuries to freak themselves out?Frankly, to deliver myself a scare, I can just sleep in my night-on-the-town eye make-up, wake up, FORGO COFFEE,... Read More

The Top 7 No Make-Up All Day Every Season Beauty Tips

October 11th, 2014

Awwww, yeah! I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath, so, without further ado: THE TOP 7 NO MAKE-UP, ALL DAY, EVERY SEASON, BEAUTY TIPS! 1) Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. It is a must. Any day you wake up you need sunscreen. Sunny or cloudy, altitude or sea level, put on sunscreen. Sunscreen protects your skin from the ultra violet radiation that induces wrinkles, age spots, and cancer. There is little more beautiful than not having cancer. 2) Exfoliate. Exfoliate any skin you anticipate putting make-up on and/or any skin you want to look decent in the light of day.... Read More

Beauty About Boulder: Your New, Best, Alter Ego

October 4th, 2014

I only partially chose this for the Colors of The Wind reference. via freedigitalphotos.net When I was a kid I had a knack for yearning. I yearned for blue eyes, I yearned for blonde hair, I yearned to become a My Little Pony already. I would sit with eyes and fists held tightly shut, willing straight blonde tufts to spurt out of my head. I’ll spare you the angst I spent a childhood with and just cut to the chase: it didn’t work. I’ll also sidestep the fact that I refused to play with dolls that looked like me and only wanted the Aryan ones. I’m sure my parents were thrilled by my seemingly... Read More

Eat Your Way To Health & Beauty

June 17th, 2014

Eat Your Way To Health & Beauty  There is an essential connection between what you eat and how you look.  The word “beauty” originated from the Latin root of “bonus” which means “good”.  An appetite for beauty perpetuates health.  This is one of our sacred blessings, which is why many people pray or give thanks before eating. One of our greatest attributes is our ability for self healing.  This is an ongoing day-to-day physical process that many of us are unaware of unless we have an injury or a disease.  Cultivating and appreciating our own beauty and the beauty in others... Read More