Rosetta Hall, the highly anticipated food hall in Boulder, is set to open this week on Friday, October 11th at 11 am. The food hall is located at 1109 Walnut Street, next door to the Rio Grande.

There will be 10 food vendors that were hand picked from Boulder to open a restaurant in the food hall. There will also be a rooftop bar and patio. After dark, the space will become a dance hall and nightclub. Here’s a lineup of the chefs and restaurants that will be offered, per the food hall’s website.

Folsom Foods


Justin Brunson

You’re going to love our interpretation of All American classics. We make all our own cured meats from scratch right here in Colorado. Constantly searching for the highest quality local suppliers is our passion.

I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant in Boulder. Our daily menu starts with an amazing breakfast sandwich program. We will also rollout our greatest hits throughout the day like pastrami sandwiches, grilled cheese and meat and cheese boards. Last year we won best hamburger in Denver.


West African

Modou Jaiteh

I was lucky enough to be raised in Gambia by my mom and she’s been cooking her whole life. Our food is dedicated to ingredients and flavors native to West Africa as well as North American ingredients that have become staples in West Africa. We’re also exploring the African influences on the food of New Orleans and the Carolinas.

You’ll discover unique flavors in our peanut butter stew, yaji fried rice, the Ghana po’boy, and a constantly changing mix of West African dishes.

Petite Fleur

Handcrafted PATISSERIE

Julia Wirichs

After eight years of working in Paris and Amsterdam, I’m happy to bring Boulder this delicious mix of American and European desserts.

We’re focusing on three confections: baked goods, chocolates and frozen yogurt. Everything here is handmade from scratch. You will taste the difference. We also have a variety of delicious desserts that are gluten free, vegan or low sugar.

Many of our flavors change with the seasons, offering you the finest local ingredients from the most sustainable farms.


Casual French

Dustin Brandt

Our vision is to make French food more approachable and less intimidating. Classic dishes are reimagined with local ingredients while their roots stay intact.

Gougeres from Burgundy and tartines from Paris make their way to the menu. In an attempt to take the souffle off the endangered species list we will be offering a made to order souffle program with rotating variations.

Ginger Pig

Asian Street Food

Natascha Hess

I was lucky enough to live in Beijing during college, where I fell in love with authentic, home-cooked Chinese food. At The Ginger Pig we’re recreating all those dishes as well as incorporating street food classics from Thailand, Vietnam & Japan.

After winning best Food Truck in Denver in 2018 we are thrilled to be able to open our new home in downtown Boulder.

La Tigella

Cucina Italiana

Alberto Sabbadini

Tigella is an ultra regional sandwich born in Bologna, Italy. There’s nothing else like it in the United States. The bread is freshly fired and then stuffed with delicious Italian meats, cheeses & vegetables.

We’re also going to be making Roman style pizza with a custom blend of local, heritage grains; handmade Northern Italian ravioli, and fennel pollen porchetta made using  local, heritage pork.


Contemporary Mexican

Joe Lee

Having worked around Michelin chefs and Michelin teams, everything is made fresh that day.

We’re going to be featuring tacos with handmade tortillas. I’m going to broaden the definition of contemporary Mexican and bring some Korean influence.

There are literally thousands of different types of mole, which basically translates into “sauce.” At Tierra we are putting our own spin on mole.


Ancient Grains

Aaron Lande

Eridu is a grain and legume based menu. We have a huge amount of heirloom beans that are being grown locally.

I have to be cooking from a place of passion which is honoring seasonality, really honoring what this place, Boulder County, has to offer.

When we are removed from knowing where anything comes from, the energy has been lost. If you want to make art, you have to know your sources. You have to know who and why and how and where.


Coffee Roasters

Vajra & Cara Rich

We’re thrilled to open an old school Italian style sit down coffee bar in a multi-cultural European atmosphere.

Great coffee starts with the grower. Our job is to source the finest beans and bring out their delicate flavors & memorable aromas through the roasting and cupping process.

Over the last eight years our local team has built a culture of excellence dedicated to the science of brewing the perfect cup for you.

Kaylee was raised (but not *technically* born) in Colorado. She graduated from Regis University with a bachelor of arts in English. During her time at Regis she worked as a teaching assistant in a freshman classroom setting and in the writing center helping students on a variety of topics. While there, she discovered Cura Personalis, or care for the entire person, leading to her love of feminism and desire for equal rights for all. Kaylee is the managing editor for AboutBoulder, OnDenver, and a key member of the OnMetro team, launching this platform in cities across the United States.