Sterling Rice Group is an extremely popular advertising agency located in Boulder. They have done a lot of extremely accredited work and have even been recognized as one of America’s top small agencies in Ad age. Their work has been known to create an impact and immensely shift consumer behavior. SRG has stated, “Ultimately we value and strive to create ideas that make a real difference for brands, businesses and the world around us.”

Sterling Rice Group is big on brand positioning and creating one’s own specific vision for each brand. Sterling Rice group also pays a great deal of attention to design. They consider it to be the link between business strategy and brand communications. They choose each design to be specific to each brand’s distinctive personality.

Sterling Rice Group has also created various new products in many different sectors. This is possible for the company by using the latest digital technology, insight-driven ideas, and a special collaborative process capable of creating prototypes. Some popular brands they have done work for include Starbucks, Hershey, and Unilever.

Sterling Rich Group is not only creative with their clients, but are also innovative with their own space. SRG has a 14,000-square-foot experience design center to create and test various prototypes. It is also used as a space for global company wide collaborations. They also have an expansive commercial test kitchen with trained chefs and a culinary council composed of 175 global food experts and celebrities. Additionally they have the headquarters of the Unreasonable Institute located within their building. This organization adds unique inspiration and a new outlook to tackle any challenge as well as serve as an opportunity to unite to a community of exceptional entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.

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