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Chocolove has no fear of Commitment (Social, Ethical, Taste-ful)

Timothy Moley did it. He took his love of chocolate and made a life out of it. He has been generous enough to share his chocolate-love (Chocolove?) with the rest of us. Moley founded the premium chocolate company, Chocolove, after coming home from a 2 year volunteering stint in Indonesia. Chocolove currently makes the chocolate bars in small batches in Boulder, CO and spreads them around the chocolate-loving world.

Chocolove offers premium chocolate bars in many different flavors, (milk and dark-with or without nuts/real fruit/sea salt, more). Every bar hides a love story within its wrapper in the form of a poem. If you’re feeling chivalrous, buy and give a bar to your person. If you don’t have a person, buy and give a bar to yourself (ok!.. haha..).

How did it begin?…

“It all began in a cocoa field in Indonesia… Timothy was chewing on some cocoa beans doing volunteer work for USAID, a government program that promotes agricultural and technical education in developing countries. He had been living abroad on and off for two years, visiting over 28 countries, developing his palate with spices, teas and wines. And, like most of us, he had always dreamed of being his own boss, dedicated to something he loved. The idea of a career in chocolate inspired him and an idea began to form – to create a premium chocolate bar, paired with the romance of love.”

Unlike other chocolate bars, Chocolove bars are made with premium Belgium chocolate, very few ingredients, and by a man that dedicated years of his life towards testing different flavors of wine, chocolate and spices.  And the reason he doesn’t get tired of them could be because they are made with premium ingredients, and that he can do so with a clean conscience, knowing the company does all it can to retain high social and ethical commitments.

Social and Ethical Commitment

  • We accept responsibility to assure that all ingredients in our products have been sourced through ethical and socially responsible means.
  • We work to uphold International Labor Organization (ILO) standards with respect to child labor in cocoa bean harvesting.
  • We will actively communicate our social responsibility philosophy.
  • We are committed to a social solution that works for the farmer, the interim handlers, our chocolate supplier, and our customers and consumers.
  • We will actively strive to get 3rd party certification for all Chocolove products.
  • We believe true long term sustainability is the role of business and is not the same as certification
  • We will retain the same great flavor and trust of our consumers.
  • We will continue to offer the best value
  • Good flavor at a reasonable price also results in good income for cocoa farmers.


Much of Chocolove’s cocoa comes from the Growing Great Chocolate Program— an organization that helps primarily West African farmers grow and more and better quality beans to support the community. The following is from the Growing Great Chocolate website about their commitment to helping with fundamental Health Care and Education: “Growing Great Chocolate™ programme, Callebaut® assists cooperatives to meet some of the basic health care needs of their farmer members. We sponsor and distribute insecticide-treated mosquito nets throughout the year, co-organise the distribution of medical kits to cocoa farmers and sponsor vaccination campaigns in several cocoa growing communities.”

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