Meet Sarah! Sarah is the manager and one of the many talented dance instructors at Boulder Swing Dance.

Sarah moved to Boulder from Cleveland, Ohio in 2014 and almost immediately sought out a swing dance community here in Colorado.  A dancer for 7 years, Sarah just couldn’t stay away from the dancing community, even after promising herself a break.

The swing dance community is a tight knit group; and you can find swing dancing in almost any major city across the country.  This made embedding herself into a new city a little easier on Sarah, giving her a built-in community of people she knew she would share common interests.

Sarah’s dancing background and dedication to the cause quickly moved her from everyday participant to instructor and manager at Boulder Swing Dance and she hasn’t looked back.

Just this year, she and her dance partner traveled to Sweden for The Snowball.  An annual event held in Stockholm that is revered as one of the biggest Swing Dance events in the world!

After the event she and her partner stayed in Sweden for an extra week and did an instructors workshop with some of the most highly regarded dance teachers in the world in the northern most part of Sweden.

Sarah’s passion and commitment to Boulder Swing Dance was evident from the moment our conversation started, and I think that is a very accurate representation of the entire Boulder Swing Dance Community.

It is a place for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to come together for a night of letting loose and having fun.

“Swing dance is really all about being silly.” Sarah says, “that’s what makes it so much fun.”

Boulder Swing Dance does classes Monday nights in Boulder, Tuesday nights in Lafayette, and Wednesday nights in Longmont.  They also run a Thursday night practice and a Sunday morning swing dance workout session so there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved!

They are also running a Boulder Swing Dance boot camp on March 25 which Sarah described as a 3-hour crash course in Swing and is a great opportunity for newcomers to jump right in!

Be sure to check out their website and their Facebook page for more info!


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