I recently moved to Boulder to pursue my Master’s degree in Business Administration from CU. In the short time I have been here, I have been overwhelmed by what makes Boulder great: the incredible weather, the athletic current pulsing through every corner of town, the flatirons watching unwaveringly from the west, the unique food, and most importantly- the people.

Rather than sidewalks marked by hurried pedestrians with their shoulders hunched and heads down, I often see groups of runners training for their next race. It is impossible to go from one end of town to the next without seeing at least a dozen cyclists taking advantage of the bike-friendly roads. Unsurprisingly, I am far more likely to see a dusty 4×4 with a bike rack and a Moab sticker drive by than a flashy sports car. With its proximity to both the Rocky Mountains and Denver, Boulder is a haven for the outdoors as well as a business start-up phenomenon. It makes for a powerful mix of motivated and vibrant people, and like thousands of others, I moved here to join in.

My dog Riley spent our first day living in Boulder hiking Chautauqua.

My dog Riley and I on our first Chautauqua hike.

To me, Boulder is not about having; it is about doing. People here find what they are passionate about and they invest time, sweat, and effort every day to get better and become more. It is easy, then, to see why a place with such a foundation for passion is so supportive of a movement like Boulder Giving.

We all find our own ways to give. For me, it was starting a charity benefit where I shaved my head along with forty others to raise money and awareness for children’s cancer through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. As the clippers buzzed along my scalp, now too late to turn back, I felt a profound moment of clarity. For the first time, I had truly given something of myself- and it felt so wonderful. Although my hair has since grown back, the drive to serve has persisted and shaped me. It led me to swear to protect the people of my community as a police officer in Florida. Now, as I pursue graduate education, it has driven me to take on my next project: finding and highlighting the charitable efforts of Boulder businesses.

As the Ambassador for Boulder Giving, I hope to tap in to the strength this town is so well known for. I am so honored to have this opportunity, and I am incredibly excited to see what powerful acts of giving Boulder has to offer. Check back soon to read which companies truly exemplify how #BoulderGives.



Ashley DeCurtis