The Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Natural Weight Loss -

Nowadays, there are many options for people pursuing weight loss. One of the more prevalent alternatives available today is prescription weight loss medication. A recent study found that nearly 60% of adults in the US who are trying to lose weight say they would be interested in trying weight loss drugs as long as they are safe and effective. A quarter of those surveyed who aren’t currently trying to lose weight also say they would try weight loss prescription drugs.

However, only one in seven said they would still be interested if they heard they may gain the weight they lost back after stopping the use of the medication. This suggests that as much as people want to lose weight, they would rather opt for more sustainable and long-term weight loss strategies. Fortunately, this is doable when you practice natural weight loss methods.

Compared to rapid weight loss solutions, many experts have long recommended building healthy habits to boost weight loss. To lose weight naturally, it’s important to build sustainable habits into your daily routine. Simple lifestyle changes like drinking more water, tracking your meals, and ramping up your daily physical activity can go a long way in ensuring natural weight loss without supplements or medication. Below, we’ll look at the role of nutrition and exercise in natural weight loss:

Nutrition for Natural Weight Loss

When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, many people make the mistake of simply reducing how much they eat or not eating as often. While doing this can help you lose weight, it may not be healthy for your body as you’ll lack adequate nutrients and energy to fuel your daily routine.

In fact, a recent study suggests that eating smaller meals throughout the day may be better for weight loss than intermittent fasting, which is when people limit meals to a short window of time each day. Instead, researchers found that what mattered more was how much the study participants ate at each meal and how often.

According to the study results, people who ate smaller meals were more likely to lose weight. This is important to keep in mind as you should really focus on getting enough nutrients and vitamins from your meals, even if you’re eating smaller portions.

Another nutrition hack for natural weight loss is learning simple substitutions for unhealthy ingredients like added sugar. This is as simple as switching soda for water or choosing food with natural sugars like grapes, mangoes, and berries. By focusing on eating healthier options instead of limiting what and when you eat, you can achieve weight loss more naturally and maintain your weight over longer periods.

Exercise for Natural Weight Loss

Finally, another key component of natural weight loss is exercise. Studies have found that people who exercise regularly and change what they eat lose 20% more weight than those who only did the diet changes. The resulting weight loss is also more likely to last for a longer period.

In a previous post, we discussed walking for exercise and how it can help reduce the risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease. Even if it’s a lighter form of exercise compared to strength training and higher intensity exercise, walking is considered a particularly valuable means of exercise for those with knee, back, or ankle issues, as well as those who are obese.

Finally, it’s crucial to remember not to push yourself too hard. To achieve natural weight loss, it’s more important to build the habit rather than forcing yourself into it. Starting small with five to ten minutes of daily moderate exercise can make a huge difference for you to create healthier long-term habits.

Much like the rapid weight loss promised by fad diets and weight loss drugs, it’s essential not to force extreme gym workouts, especially if you aren’t used to rigorous exercise, lest you risk injuring yourself.