Meet Chasten! When she needed to escape the suburbs, Chasten fell in love with Boulder’s diverse culture. Self-employed, Chasten embraces nutritional and natural healing—embracing the CBD revolution by educating the public on the many benefits of high quality natural Hemp oil. Some of Chasten’s greatest accomplishments not only include motherhood, but also caring for foster pets before they find their forever homes, and adopting and raising a special needs kitten of her own. Chasten and her partner Justin love spending their free time exploring local events, “with an event of some sort happening everyday, it’s a great way to learn about, participate, and contribute to Boulder’s diverse culture” she says. Chasten’s main goal at the moment is her contribution, fight, and dedication for getting Boulder to pass the Boulder Country Climate bill—the new Anti-Fracking initiative. When not busy balancing their many interests, Chasten, Justin, and their daughter Amrielle take advantage of the nearby hot springs, hiking in the snow, and spending quality adventure time with their two dogs. Way to go Chasten, Thanks!

A senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Martine studies English Creative Writing and actively pursues areas of study such as visual arts, linguistics, psychology, peace studies, and much more. Since middle school, Martine’s passion for life and its journey has translated into her writing—fostering a need for constantly new surroundings and unique experiences. This has led her to write not only about life in a ‘rose-colored’ glasses manner, but has also strengthened her love of photography. She loves spending her free time with outside with her dog and camera; shooting life in way that not only captures natural beauty, but also emphasizes the hidden details of her surroundings by taking the path less hiked. Since moving to Boulder, Martine has fallen in love with rock climbing and hiking, leading her to spend many sunny afternoons in various parts of the front rage and further strengthening her love of nature. With the Flat Irons as her backdrop, Martine is never in need of inspiration and aims to reveal the hidden treasures Colorado has to offer.