Creative and active environments often foster the greatest impacts on people and the work they put out. Think about it, in college, how much more likely were you to study harder or actively engage in your studies at the library or a coffee shop rather than at home? While that may not be true for all people, for a majority of us, being surrounded by people also trying to accomplish great things and in a positive environment was helpful for our academic achievements. This mindset is what makes up Impact Hub. At its most basic level, Impact Hub is a shared workspace, but when you become a member of Impact Hub, you get so much more than just a shared workspace. Emphasizing collaborative efforts and connection, Impact Hub’s work spaces connect you with other active people working to make an impact in the world around them through their work; it is a place for professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors alike to work surrounded by like minded individuals. As a member of Impact Hub you will, “benefit from a diverse and global community that provides guidance, resources, and opportunities shared between all Impact Hubs”. Each Impact Hub offers a variety of events to connect you with the people around you in your Hub as well as programs to help you and your business continuously grow and improve. Impact Hub spaces are designed for creativity, whether its on your own or as a group effort; sleek, modern and comfortable, these Hubs are great environments for positive productivity.

There are currently 66 open Impact Hubs spanning across five continents and over 11,000 members. Of these 66 Impact Hubs, Boulder’s own is located on the corner of Broadway and Walnut St. As a member of Impact Hub Boulder you receive access to other Impact Hub locations across the globe as well as other Impact Hub members, six phone booths, three conference rooms, free coffee, espresso, tea, event space for rent, collaborative work opportunities and many more perks!

One of the biggest perks Impact Hun Boulder offers is their [Accelerate] Program. The [Accelerate] Program strives to improve the businesses and individuals who are a part of the Hub community. This program works similar to other startup accelerator services, utilizing four key programs to improve your business: [Accelerate] Education, [Accelerate] Advice, [Accelerate] Mastermind and [Accelerate] Invest. Through [Accelerate] Education you receive the necessary education to build and grow your business. [Accelerate] Advice is just like it sounds, putting you in touch with knowledgeable mentors to advise you on your business and make business savvy recommendations. [Accelerate] Mastermind is similar to the Advice program but more geared toward problem solving and overcoming the biggest hurdles in some of the earliest stages of business growth with help from a small and dedicated advisory board. Finally, [Accelerate] Invest provides you and your business with a number of investors to help you gain access to funds and other resources.

Impact Hub Boulder is currently home to numerous companies and members include startups like Wishlist and ThrivePass, and other companies such as Be Legendary as well as other independent consultants and professionals.

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