Boulder – for as incredible a city as it is – is an absolute drag to drive around in. Plaguing downtown Boulder and the Hill are one-way streets, cars parallel parked so bad it’s laughable, pedestrians walking around with reckless abandon, and never any parking spots. So, unless you plan on using your unicycle, roller skates or longboards like so many other Boulderites, the other option is to take out your phone, open up your app and book a zTrip to get down to the Walrus for a simple Fishbowl for goodness sake.


Well buckle up, people of Boulder. There’s a new ride service in town and it goes by the name of zTrip. These sexy little silver cars will get you where you need to go. Download the zTrip app from the app store, open it, and start booking rides right away. You just select taxi, book a ride for now or later, and go. Once you’ve rode in one a couple times, you can even choose from your top-rated drivers. These guys don’t have surge pricing either, unlike the competition who will max out that pricing if it’s a busy time or the weather is poor.  Awesome concept! Pay and tip your driver from your phone, or even pay in cash. It’s really transportation with a soul.  zTrip is trying to get you where you need to go safely, conveniently, and for a reasonable price.

The zTrip app platform is familiar, intuitive, and simple to use. It’s an easy, reliable way to get around Boulder, especially as the school year begins and the Hill and Pearl Street go crazy. Silly-week, am I right? If you need a safe way to get around, check out zTrip. You’ll start to see these cars all over Boulder, so know that it’s a viable option for transportation if you’re stranded, lost, or even just lazy. Check out more about the company on their website: