We love our coffee, and most of us cannot do without a morning cup of coffee. If you love coffee, you probably want to make the best cup of coffee you possibly can.

Getting a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop every morning is not only cumbersome, but it is also costly. Making the coffee yourself is the best option.



Making an excellent cup of coffee is easier said than done and requires a lot of diligence. Whether you want to start brewing your coffee as a hobby or explore something new, coffee is a beverage that offers plenty of diversity and potential.

The following is an easy guide on how you can make your cup of coffee:

  1. Learn About Coffee

The first step to making your great cup of coffee is to learn as much as you can about coffee. You need to figure out the types of coffee you like and which ones you can make from the comfort of your home.

 According to The Better Sip, there are types of coffee that will be easy to make at home, whereas others will be pretty taxing and expensive, for example, espresso. Difficult coffees to make will require a significant investment in both money and time to master.

It would be best also to consider what you would like to gain by making your coffee. If you only want to save money, then cheaper and simpler coffees will be best to make. On the other hand, if you’re going to become a serious coffee connoisseur, fancy equipment and diligent training will be necessary.

  1. Coffee Beans

Part of your education about coffee will involve learning about coffee beans. If you want to make great coffee at home, you will need to know how to source coffee beans.

There are many varieties of coffee beans on the planet. Therefore, if you are looking for coffee beans, there are many avenues you can take. Walking to the store and picking up a bag of coffee beans is not enough.

There are three main types of coffee beans, namely Robusta, Arabica, and Liberica. Arabica is the most common type, followed by Robusta. Each of the coffee beans has different characteristics than others and produces a different kind of coffee.

It is crucial to learn how to get the best coffee beans because they will determine the type of coffee you drink. The source of the beans will also have a substantial effect on the coffee quality.

4.  Budget and Buy Equipment

Determining how much money you will spend on making coffee is crucial. Therefore, you need to create a budget that will guide your spending. The price of making your coffee can be very high if you are not careful.

Once you decide how much money you can spend on coffee, you should determine which coffee-making equipment you should buy and the beans to make the coffee. You have numerous options for coffee-making equipment.

There are manual, electric, and automatic coffee grinders depending on your preference. The manual brewers are the cheapest but require the most input. Automatic brewers are expensive but make the best coffee. The price of a coffee maker ranges widely depending on the features. You can also add accessories to the equipment according to how you want to make your coffee.

5. Learn to Brew


Once you have your coffee beans and your coffee-making equipment, it is time to start brewing. If you want to brew your coffee manually, you will have to develop your skills.

There are many courses and videos online that will teach you how to brew all types of coffee. In the beginning, you will predominantly learn how to brew coffee through a process of trial and error.

It would help if you started with some basic recipes for certain coffee brews which are simple enough. The more confident you become in your brewing skills, the more advanced recipes you can try. No one size fits all recipes for brewing coffee, but you will find general guidelines that address most types of coffee.

Brewing coffee is a matter of experimentation and making changes based on your experience. However, once you know how to brew coffee, you will not forget it, and you can enjoy fantastic coffee from that day henceforth.

If you love drinking coffee and would like to make your own, there is much to learn and do. The above is a guide you can easily follow to make your coffee eventually. Making your coffee is a continuous improvement process, and your coffee will get better as you continue making it.