Patients and doctors are reporting positive experiences as doctor’s offices move to telemedicine and online video appointments to practice medicine while maintaining social distancing.

A Boulder patient said of the experience, “I think, for all intents and purposes, it was the same as being there. One could even say it might be a little bit better because I didn’t have to drive down there. I didn’t have to expose myself potentially to the (new coronavirus) and it was all done in about 10 minutes.”

Many people do not want to make appointments as they do not want to expose themselves, but others, such as those in post-op, patients that need to come in regularly, and those receiving mental health services, require consistent healthcare services. This may be a first for both doctors and patients as they transition into making these appointments online.

A doctor at CU Health has said the new telehealth services have been helpful to patients as they do not feel stressed over potentially having to halt their treatment and slow their progress.

“Concussion folks already struggle with mental health … really as a consequence, a lot of times, to their concussion,” she said. “So it’s been incredibly encouraging over the last week to see how we can help these people and for me to physically see their faces and to see how happy they are that they don’t have to stop with their rehab.

The government and payers have adjusted their services to allow for telehealth coverage during this time, and patients and doctors alike are hoping that this will continue to be covered after the coronavirus outbreak as it has proved to be helpful and easier.

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