In a world where developments in technology, legislation, and culture have entirely altered the way human beings consume media, it is surprising that that even after decades of use, the vinyl record player is still many music lovers outlet of choice. As the world spins, and changes, the vinyl record does too, keeping time, and telling a story.

Perhaps it is the joy of being able to tangibly hold a piece of music; perhaps it is the friendly crackle that greets the listener as the needle embraces the vinyl; perhaps it is the escape from the commercialization, digitizing, and monitoring of music online; regardless, the record player has survived an era of innovation and evolution, and in the process, sounds the notion that ideas worth having create products worth keeping.

Evidence of the permanence of the record player can be seen across many different Boulder County businesses, who are not only surviving, but are growing in numbers and popularity; places like Bart’s Record Shop, Albums on the Hill, and Absolute Vinyl, are just a few of the commercial staples in the Boulder Community that offer an escape from the hectic stresses of the everyday, and a plunge into decades of human expression; for the curious and adventurous ear, Boulder is an excellent place to begin exploring the joys of vinyl.

Music is a tradition that Humanity has carried across generations and across borders; in the process, music has changed, evolved, and grown, just as people have; but at its core, music has remained unaltered, perpetuated as a source of audial expression, and rhythmic inclusion. Behind every song, there is an idea; behind every musician, there is a soul. Though such ideas and souls can never be contained, they can be recorded, and transferred, and carried across time and space; and as long as time and space are grooving, the vinyl record will keep on spinning.