Ben sees Boulder as the perfect place for his current endeavor: InstaMarch – The Imaginary Jobs Program. He told me:

“The purpose of InstaMarch is that I want to get people all around the country doing their own micro-demonstrations on whatever issues they feel are important. And, I’m offering free mentorships – I’m a computer engineering teacher. So, I’m offering free mentorships in social media, computer programming, organizational design – all sorts of things created around these protests. Anybody can do it – left or right – but I have some certain terms for anybody doing it. My terms are…”

1.      You must be peaceful

2.      You cannot bother or harass or impose on others

3.      If you have policies, you must be willing to let them be scrutinized

4.      You must avoid conflict with the law

5.      Any code or media produced must be open-source and available through the Creative Commons


Ben truly believes that small acts have a large impact. He told me that he’s tired of the way that people communicate today, and one of his hopes for InstaMarch, is that it will encourage people to have authentic, in-person interactions. Ben welcomes any and all to join him in his studies and participate in InstaMarch. If you’re interested in working with Ben, or simply sitting down to have a chat with him, you can contact him through the mediums listed below.


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Matt is convinced that moving to Boulder to attend CU has been the best decision of his life. He fell in love with Colorado and discovered a new passion for snowboarding when he first visited the state in 2010. Matt is now a third year student studying technology, arts and media with hopes to turn his passion for photography into a career. You can find Matt behind the lens shooting for the CU Independent or on the court setting for CU Men’s Volleyball if he doesn’t run into you somewhere downtown. Upon graduating from CU, Matt plans to travel the globe as a photojournalist in hopes to quench his thirst for adventure.