Technology Bridges is a local non-profit created by Anthony Levy, Joshua Chen, and Lee Shainis that bridges the gap between generations, giving people the chance to learn from each other and gain new perspectives through this connection. Technology Bridge’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to learn technological skills in order to better their daily lives. T Bridges creates valuable volunteer opportunities for high school and college aged students by providing them the chance to give back to their communities while gaining valuable teaching experience. This is done through one on one mentor relationships where students teach elders about technology and elders share their life stories with students. Technology Bridges has trained over 46 volunteers who have impacted the lives of over 60 elders. Technology Bridges is always looking for new volunteers so get involved by going to their website.

Photo: Travis Bildahl

Anthony Levy(left) and Joshua Chen(right) Photo: Travis Bildahl


This week Elevations Credit Union hosted an event at the Dark Horse called Project Awesome where T Bridges was nominated as a finalist. Project Awesome is a competition that Elevations Credit Union put on for CU Buffs that are doing something awesome to help their communities. The Dark Horse gave away free food, beer, and games of pool for anyone that came by to support Project Awesome. Technology Bridges got 2nd place and won $1000 towards their social business and can continue to help out elders in our community.



T bridges was excited about their win! Photo: Travis Bildahl


All of the friends came out and cheered on T Bridges for winning second place in Project Awesome. Photo: Travis Bildahl

Photo: Travis Bildahl

Photo: Travis Bildahl

Photo: Travis Bildahl

The Dark Horse gave out a variety of delicious food! Photo: Travis Bildahl


Photo: Travis Bildahl


Photo: Travis Bildahl


Everyone was enjoying the free games of pool. Photo: Travis Bildahl


Announcing the winners of Project Awesome. Photo: Travis Bildahl


And the winner is…. Photo: Travis Bildahl


Photo: Travis Bildahl


Photo: Travis Bildahl


Make sure to check out Technology Bridges and get involved in helping our community!