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Faces of Boulder – Pic of the Day!

April 28th, 2017

Magic is in the air!  Eric Price is a local magician in the Boulder area. If you are walking around Pearl Street you might just see Eric performing magic and pleasing by-passers as they stop to check out his show. If you missed Eric on Pearl Street don’t worry because you can hire him for magic shows and services at magicathand.com. Hope you enjoyed these pictures and keep checking out Faces of Boulder!  Read More

Faces of Boulder: Gig in a Blizzard

November 14th, 2014

One of the best parts about living in Boulder is the local music scene and all of the new bands that are constantly emerging out of our town. For this edition of Faces of Boulder we will feature a brand new band. The band is currently deciding what the permanent name will be, so make sure to keep on eye on them. They are a five piece band that features bass, guitar, drum set, percussion, and vocals. What is so cool about them is that each member comes from a very different background of music giving them a unique style of music. Their different backgrounds in music allow their jams to go... Read More

Faces of Boulder: Technology Bridges

November 13th, 2014

Technology Bridges is a local non-profit created by Anthony Levy, Joshua Chen, and Lee Shainis that bridges the gap between generations, giving people the chance to learn from each other and gain new perspectives through this connection. Technology Bridge’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to learn technological skills in order to better their daily lives. T Bridges creates valuable volunteer opportunities for high school and college aged students by providing them the chance to give back to their communities while gaining valuable teaching experience. This is done through... Read More

Photo of the day

October 30th, 2014

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Faces of Boulder: Homecoming Weekend

October 26th, 2014

CU Boulder’s 100th Homecoming game brought Boulder back to its roots and was a day to remember for both CU students, Alumni, and Boulder residents. Everyone in Boulder was reminded this weekend of why Boulder is such a great place to live in through the beautiful 80 degree weather and the great moments that made up this years homecoming weekend. The following images come from Travis Bildahl and Joseph Wirth as they went from party to party on the hill area of Boulder this weekend. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed game day!                         Hope... Read More

Faces of Boulder: Solar Eclipse

October 23rd, 2014

  Today there was a partial solar eclipse that brought crowds to the Sommer-Bausch Observatory and Fiske Planetarium on the CU-Boulder campus to get a view of the moon passing in front of the sun. People were using special glasses with filters allowing them to look directly at the sun. People come to this spot on campus to take advantage of the telescopes that are already set up for viewing the sun.        Read More

Faces of Boulder: Photo of the day

October 20th, 2014

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Beautiful Autumn Day

October 16th, 2014

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Faces of Boulder: ATOMGA

October 11th, 2014

  Last night ATOMGA got a large crowd of people grooving as they played a night of Afro-funk music at the Bohemian Biergarten located in Downtown Boulder.  ATOMGA is an 11 member Afro-Beat influenced band that creates hypnotic grooves which keep the crowds dancing. They encourage listeners to grasp concepts like human rights and the need for more love through their music. Their music combines percussion, guitar, bass, and brass instruments to create the amazing sounds that you hear at their shows. So Enjoy the photos from last nights show!       We hope you enjoy the photos... Read More

Faces of Boulder: One Vibration

October 10th, 2014

This image captures Ryan Post playing a TerraPan down on the Pearl Street Mall . His goal is to  raise enough money to introduce 6000 of them into schools around the Boulder area. His idea is that if he gets enough people to play the same note at the same time with this instrument there will be a unified vibration that could connect the people on the planet for a second and create peace. Ryan is organizing an event at Red Rocks Amphitheatre later this year to gather with thousands of people playing TerraPans. Here is a video to get an idea of what a TerraPan sounds like:    Read More

Faces of Boulder: Photo of the day

October 9th, 2014

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Faces of Boulder: Boulder Beer Brewery Tour

October 2nd, 2014

For this edition of The Faces of Boulder I headed down to the Boulder Beer Brewery to go on a free tour and check out Boulder’s first Microbrewery. The tour was a great way to learn more about the history of Boulder Beer and how they make such a fine product. Boulder Beer offers the free tour every monday through saturday starting at 2pm and an additional one at 4pm on saturday so stop by and check out what they call “Boulders best tour” to see behind the scenes of how the hand-crafted brewing process works.     The tour starts off in a room with two giant vats where... Read More

Faces of Boulder: Searching for Gold

September 29th, 2014

The Faces of Boulder team went down to the Boulder Creek this weekend searching for a unique Face of Boulder and came back with some photos to share. Joseph Wirth and I happened to run into two very recognizable faces, Trapper and the High Plains Roller. These two men were panning for gold which is one of the simplest ways to obtain this precious metal. Although it is easy to pan for the gold it yields a very small amount making it a very time consuming way to make money. That wraps up this post for Faces of Boulder and comment below to let us know how you would like to get involved with this... Read More

Faces of Boulder: Bus to Show Red Rocks

September 26th, 2014

  This Friday afternoon the Hill area of Boulder was flocked by many Faces of Boulder. The About Boulder Photography team captured Bus to Show sending out twelve buses of people to the Big Gigantic concert at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.  For a show like Big Gigantic some unique faces came out bringing the Boulder energy to the Rocks.     Local street musician performs as the crowds wait in line for the buses to load up. Photo: Joseph Wirth and Travis Bildahl   Concert-goers stick their heads out the window with excitement to say bye to Boulder one last time before... Read More

Faces of Boulder: Farmers’ Market

September 25th, 2014

What’s Up Boulder, Colorado? My name is Travis Bildahl and I am excited to be the newest edition to the AboutBoulder.com photography team. My intentions are to bring exciting stories and photography from around Boulder to you through the Faces of Boulder Project and the stories that capture the personality of our city. I am going to travel to iconic places around Boulder to capture the stories of the most interesting people our city has to offer and share them with you. Through my photography you will see the places that bring our city to life as well as the places that go by unnoticed. My... Read More