Travis Bildahl on top of Bear Peak Pc: Joe Wirth

What’s Up Boulder, Colorado?

My name is Travis Bildahl and I am excited to be the newest edition to the photography team. My intentions are to bring exciting stories and photography from around Boulder to you through the Faces of Boulder Project and the stories that capture the personality of our city.

I am going to travel to iconic places around Boulder to capture the stories of the most interesting people our city has to offer and share them with you. Through my photography you will see the places that bring our city to life as well as the places that go by unnoticed.

My first post is about a very popular event that happens every wednesday and saturday during the warmer months of the year in Central Park: The Boulder Farmers’ Market. 

So enjoy the pictures and think about how you want to get involved with this project.



Boulder‘s Farmers’ Market is known for their fresh produce including gigantic fresh beets. Photo: Joseph Wirth


Some enjoy locally brewed Kombucha to get their energy late in the day. Photo: Travis Bildahl

Love is everywhere at the Boulder Farmers’ Market. Photo: Joseph Wirth

This young girl is enjoying a delicious homemade burrito. Photo: Travis Bildahl



West End Tavern shows up at the Farmers’ Market every week to cook up some burgers and barbeque for the crowds. Photo: Travis Bildahl


This woman was handing out mulberries with a big smile to expand the taste buds of all the visitors. Photo: Joseph Wirth

Balloon man, a very famous face of Boulder, hands out one of his trademark masterpieces to this young boy. Photo: Joseph Wirth

daily camera

The Daily Camera has been around since 1891 to supply the Boulder local’s with News. Photo: Travis Bildahl

Kate gets juiced as she hands out samples of Wonderpress Juice. Photo: Travis Bildahl

Peggy insures that Honey Acres has the freshest tomatoes in all of Colorado. Photo: Travis Bildahl

carrot man

This man is enjoying the buzz of the B12 vitamins in this delicious carrot. Photo: Joseph Wirth



Tim Brod, local bee keeper, gives out samples of Highland Honey. He raises his bees in his backyard while supplying locals with the freshest honey around. Photo: Travis Bildahl

bbq man

The Chef at the West End Tavern cooks up some of the best barbeque in town with an equally spectacular beard. Photo: Joseph Wirth


After a whole afternoon of talking to vendors and shoppers we went to the equally exciting Central Park located right beside the Farmers’ Market. We found people relaxing, enjoying food from the market and doing physical activities that were out of the ordinary.  We stopped to talk to a group there called ACT that was practicing theatrical performance art.

This is the Dragon, a pose created by the theatrical group ACT. They meet at Central Park every wednesday from 2 until 5 to grace people with the beauty of their poses. Photo: Travis Bildahl


The Dragon isn’t complete until all of the essential props are in place. Photo: Travis Bildahl

Photo: Travis Bildahl

This wraps up another edition of Faces of Boulder. We hoped you liked visiting the Farmers’ Market with us and check back to see where we are off to next.